IU Week Transcript: Mike Elgin

Mike Elgin spoke with the media on Tuesday. Read what he had to say about his eye injury, preparing for two positions, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: Does it hurt right now?

Mike Elgin: No.

Q: How about vision. How is that?

Elgin: It's fine.

Q: You look like a boxer.

Elgin: (Laughs)

Q: Why didn't you wear a visor before?

Elgin: I'd never been poked in the eye before.

Q: That answers it. Not a preventative measure. Learn from that. Is the visor something you've got to get used to or adjust to?

Elgin: I wore it the second half of the game last Saturday. Once you start playing, you don't even notice it.

Q: Maybe a little more intimidating, I guess, for defensive linemen to over. The visor, the black eye, the red eyes looking back at them.

Elgin: Most of this will be gone by Saturday, so I don't know that'll be having much of an effect.

Q: Coming into this week, you're pretty well sure you're going to be starting at center, hopefully for the whole game. Do you prepare differently knowing that's your role?

Elgin: All year long, I've been playing guard. I've always kind of been preparing both as a center and a guard. You never know what's going to happen throughout the course of the game. Just keep preparing like I have been each week, just come out and play.

Q: I know when it happened you were probably not able to see much of anything, but looking at film, what do you think about Bruggeman's performance in you and Raf's absence?

Elgin: I think he stepped in and played well. I know between Drew and Raf they had a bad snap, but other than that, I think the played really well.

Q: Have you been surprised at the little problems there have been between center and QB?

Elgin: That's something that we really shouldn't be having at this time of year. It's just one thing that we have to start cleaning up.

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