IU Week Transcript: Ed Miles

Ed Miles spoke with the media on Tuesday at Iowa's weekly press conference event. Read what he had to say about AJ Edds, setting the tone on special teams, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on preparing for Indiana)

Edmond Miles: It's another big game. They're going to be ready. We've got to prepare ourselves to be ready for anything. We go in there with a mindset of preparing like we're facing the #1 team in the nation.

Q: Charles said you guys kind of take on the mindset that you're Iowa, one of the most hated teams in the Big Ten, whether that's fact or not.

Miles: I don't know. I know we always tease the coaches, what did they do to make Iowa the hated team in the Big Ten. It's funny, we joke about it. We got the nickname, "The Bullies of the Big Ten." We just try to play hard, just have fun, that's it.

Q: Who gave you that nickname?

Miles: (Laughs) That's surrounding the Big Ten, I guess, that's what I heard.

Q: What spawned that?

Miles: Huh?

Q: What prompted that?

Miles: I don't know. Maybe our weightlifting, our strength conditioning.

Q: Looking on film and seeing how AJ did on Saturday, did he perform the way you thought?

Miles: He performed real good. I think he probably exceeded most of our expectations. Saturday, AJ performed real good. He looks to be a big help for us at that position.

Q: Do you remember him as a TE at all?

Miles: No, I don't remember him as a TE.

Q: He had a lot thrown at him, learning a new position, it's a pretty crucial position in your defense.

Miles: Yeah, he's matured very well for that. I think that's his position, his natural position. He's handled it very well, right now.

Q: What special teams are you on?

Miles: Punt team and kickoff.

Q: You're on kickoff coverage?

Miles: Right now I am.

Q: When did you get moved to that?

Miles: We tried with me and Miguel on the team to set the tone. I guess right now I'm going to be on it for a long time, I guess.

Q: Is this the first time you've been on it?

Miles: Nah. Last game I was on the first kickoff. The game before that I was on it every kickoff. Just something to set the tone. Older guys trying to get on there, make a bigger impact.

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