IU Week Trasncript: Tom Busch

Tom Busch spoke with the media on Tuesday. Read what he had to say about the transition from LB to FB, catching two touchdown passes, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: Talk about the transition you made from linebacker to fullback.

Tom Busch: I moved to fullback from linebacker after my true freshman year. I worked primarily on the scout team my freshman year at linebacker. In the spring I moved from linebacker to fullback. It was a tough transition at first. I'd never really played too much offense in high school or anything. It's definitely been a learning experience, trying to get better every day in practice.

Q: Is it kind of rewarding now after putting all that time in to make the switch to get the touches you and the looks you're getting?

Busch: Definitely. Any time the ball's thrown my way I want to catch it and do whatever I can do with it. It's definitely fun getting the ball.

Q: What are the similarities between linebacker and fullback?

Busch: You've got to be kind of a hard-nosed guy. You've got to be able to it. You've got to be able to be coached. There's a lot of similarities, I think. Obviously one's on defense, one's on offense, but both positions you're trying to get something done.

Q: On that one run on the sideline, you kind of gave your forearm to that guy.

Busch: Yeah. (Laughs) I knew I wasn't going to run around them, their defensive backs are fast, I thought I'd probably have the weight advantage on him, I could do what I could do.

Q: Talking to Albert about blitz pickups and things, and we asked who was the toughest he's had to pick up, and he said you in practice.

Busch: He told me that before, when I played LB. We have this LB vs runningback/fullback drill where they have to pick up a blitz. I guess because I'm short, I can get under guys pads a little bit, that probably helped me.

Q: Drew kind of fired that pass in there. How were you able to hang on to that?

Busch: It was a perfectly thrown ball, I think. There was a guy to the right of me, a guy to the left of me. He had to throw it in there with some velocity, because I was surrounded by people. I catch passes after practice every day on the jugs, and they're coming pretty fast. I think that, and the gloves probably helped too.

Q: What's more fun, scoring a touchdown or laying someone out on a block?

Busch: Good question. I guess if I had to take one or the other, I'd say scoring a touchdown cause you get points on the board.

Q: Did you say the gloves helped you with the catch?

Busch: I guess so. I was kind of making a joke. They probably definitely do. You wear them for a purpose.

Q: When that first ball came to you back in the Iowa State game, you had a second to think about it, did you get nervous about it at all?

Busch: Not really, I just wanted to judge it so I could get under it properly. It was kind of awkward catch. I caught it and the front of me was facing toward the sideline. I wanted to be able to put my body in position to make the catch.

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