MBB Media Day: Cyrus Tate Q&A

Cyrus Tate played basketball at the junior college level last year. He averaged 19.6 points and 11 rebounds per game and was a Juco All American. He will be called upon to play an important and impactful role for Iowa this year.

Q: Do you feel any pressure of trying to score with the inexperienced front court and replacing Brunner?

Cyrus Tate: I have not had a game yet, but I will see how it is after that in the Big Ten. I feel as though I am capable of scoring and do the things we do in practice each day. I work on my pivots and facing the basket, which is important in this conference. I am working on my shooting and oinditi9onin,g I will be fine.

Q: Will this be a big role switch for you from last year?

Tate: It will be. Junior college is different. I only played there for one year. The speed will be different and there will be contact, but I am prepared for that. It will be fine.

Q: Do you look at the front court like some on the outside do and think of it as a weakness?

Tate: Our team is different than most teams. We may not be as big and bulky. We are young, but we are athletic. Our front court will not be as bad as people think. I expect good things across the board.

Q: The preseason magazines have not been kind to this team. Does Coach Alford use that as motivation?

Tate: We don't pay attention to things like that. We hear about it, but we feel that we know what we need to do as a team, and the outside things are just talk and we will put that past us.

Q: Will this team have leadership issues?

Tate: We are young, but everyone on the team, we look up to Mike and Adam. Everyone here last year that won a title, we look to them for guidance to get through the year and practice and things like that.

Q: Were there advantages for you getting in here this summer and getting to know your teammates?

Tate: It has been pretty good. We played every day in open gym, but Prime Time helped out a lot. It let people see what some of the new players are doing and I think the PTL was a great thing for me just getting here

Q: Have people recognized you and about town?

Tate: Yeah. Most people, they know who you are and don't say much. It has been pretty good so far, I have not had any problems.

Q: When you came here, was it a part of the plan that you would be asked to play such an important role right away?

Tate: It was a part of the plan to play right away. I am ready to take up the challenge. I will be just fine with that.

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