MBB Media Day: Tyler Smith Q&A

Tyler Smith might be the most heralded recruit during the Steve Alford era. If this Hawkeye team makes it back to the NCAA Tournament for the third year in a row, the talented Mr. Smith will have going to play a significant role

Q: What are your thoughts as you start things here. There are not many people picking you guys to have a great season.

Tyler Smith: I think we will do well. We lost a lot from lat year, five seniors. We are bringing in more athletes and I think we will be pretty good this year.

Q: How does it feel to be talked about so much, perhaps as the most heralded recruit they have had here?

Smith: It feels good to be talked about. I don't want to rush anything, I want to come in and play my game. I am not coming in to save the team, because they don't need that. We will do fine

Q: In what areas do you think you will be able to help the team?

Smith: Rebounding, bringing that to the game and maybe attack the basket. We have shooters with Adam and Justin Johnson coming in, too.

Q: Do you feel the need to sped things up?

Smith: I think I need to speed it up some, but at the same time take my time, because I don't want to rush things and get off in the wrong way like that.

Q: What are your expectations for yourself for your freshman year?

Smith: Just to come out and have a good season, not just me but as a team. I want to be in the top two in the Big Ten and win another Big Ten championship

Q: What happened with you and Mike Henderson a few weeks back (the arrest at Dillard's)

Smith: Just a mistake we had and it will be handled within the team.

Q: Coach has talked about defense, and getting it back to last year's level. Do you think that will be hard?

Smith: I don't think so. Coach has been preaching defense from the beginning. A lot of players like to get up in you here, because no one wants to get taken to the hole.

Q: Will this be a fun team to watch?

Smith: Yes, a really fun team. I think we will get up and down the court more this year. A lot of people want to see dunks, and I think you will see more of that this year. We will be an up-tempo team.

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