Indiana Post Game: Drew Tate Q&A

Not coming away with touchdowns in the redzone will catch up to a team. Iowa quarterback Drew Tate talked about that in his post game interview, as well as the frustration of losing a game when your mistakes were mostly self inflicted.

Q: What is the mood of the team?

Drew Tate: We hadn't talked. I went in there and showered and came out here. We lost. We will learn from it and move on. We will respond, we have to. We have no time to feel sorry for us, we are going to Michigan.

Q: What was the mood at halftime, when they had just gotten that field goal to make it 21-17?

Tate: The whole game we were driving the ball and we would do something stupid in the redzone. That is important. We were in there so many times and didn't score. If we take care of what we needed to at the beginning of the game, it wouldn't have been close at the end.

Q: Were you guys looking ahead to Michigan?

Tate: Not at all. No one has even mentioned Michigan.

Q: Did you say anything to Damian?

Tate: He is fine. He knows. He doesn't need anyone telling him what he did wrong. He is a grown guy.

Q: Is it more frustrating because the mistakes were self made?

Tate: It's hard, because our chances were there. We didn't capitalize and they did.

Q: Did you expect this kind of effort from Indiana?

Tate: Oh yeah. Coach Hoeppner's teams always play hard they said, even when he was at Miami of Ohio. It was close last year in the fourth quarter, so they played us hard. We knew what it would be like. Iowa hasn't played well here from what I have been told. It comes back to a lack of effort.

Q: Are the injuries starting to affect the team?

Tate: I don't know what is wrong with anyone, but every time I turned around there was someone down or we had a late penalty or something like that to screw us up.

Q: Trey Stross played well today.

Tate: Yeah, Trey did a great job jumping in there where Dominique went down. I think that Wes jumped in and played right tackle. I know he messed up on one call, but that will be fixed. Maybe he didn't hear me. He will learn from that.

Q: Talk about the third quarter, you guys were moving the ball but didn't get anything.

Tate: Turnovers were big. The last one we had, we were driving, too. We are turning the ball over and not scoring touchdowns in the red zone.

Q: Did you miss Albert Young?

Tate: Yeah. He brings a lot to the table. We ran enough today and I think our backs did good. We just hurt ourselves; that is all.

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