UM WEEK: Albert Young Transcript

Iowa Running Back Albert Young met with the media on Tuesday to speak about his chances of returning to the lineup this week at Michigan. He also spoke about the mood of the team and the mental effects of fumbling. Read all about it in this premium Q&A.

Albert, what are your chances of playing this week?

I think they're really good. I'm going to practice today (Tuesday). I've been pretty good yesterday (Monday), so I think I'll be available for the game on Saturday.

How is the knee? Is it one of those things where it's getting better every day?

Yeah, it's getting better each day, but it's not 100 percent. Somewhat like going into the Ohio State game, it's going to be good enough.

Have you had a chance to look at Michigan's defense much?

I haven't seen the film, but I've seen them on TV a few times. You just look at the numbers and you can just imagine that they're a solid D.

Is it a speed thing? What stands out when you watch them, speed, athleticism?

A lot of those guys are veterans. They're a pretty old group and smart. Of course they have speed, but isn't something we haven't seen before. But they're definitely very talented up and down.

What crosses your mind when you see 32 rushing yards (per game) allowed?

Yeah, you also have to consider the facts of sacks. But that's a stingy D right there. But you have to have a run game regardless of what the team's reputation is.

What's the mood of the team right now coming out of Saturday?

Guys are just anxious to get back and bounce back this week. Having a mishap like that happen definitely hurt. This is truly going to tell us a lot about our team.

Is a week like this as much about emotional recovery as it is preparation?

Preparation is always No. 1 very week. It's definitely a very difficult loss to swallow as compared to the Ohio State game. But it's Tuesday now and we have to get back on our job and focus on Michigan. If we're worrying about getting emotionally back and all of that, we'll get embarrassed.

What does it mean that you goes won't play Michigan or Ohio State for the next few years?

When you come here and think about competition in the Big Ten, you definitely think about playing them. It's definitely your last chance there, but you also can't take away from the other teams in the Big Ten. We add Michigan State and Penn State. So, it doesn't get much easier.

Doesn't bring an extra spotlight when you play them?

Yeah, because of their name, but we can't get caught up in that. This is just a very critical game for us.

Are there any lessons you learned against Ohio State that you might be able to bring in against Michigan?

We definitely learned from last week that we need to bring the same intensity that we brought into the Ohio State game into Michigan. We definitely know the level of play that it takes to compete with a team like that from our experience with Ohio State. But we also realize that we have to maintain that intensity week in and week out.

Damian has fumbled in three games now. What does that do to a running back's head?

It definitely affects your running style, especially with a guy like Damian. He has to concentrate on holding onto the football. That's going to take away from is quickness, somewhat. But it's more of a mental thing. It's something that he's going to be able to clean up. It's just a mental hump right now. That's all it is. It's not that he can't do it. It's just a matter of will he?

Running back is so instinctual. How do you overcome a mental block?

We're just going to have to wait and see. I tell you that's something very difficult to get over. You can't let it take away from the rest of your game. But he'll be alright.

Is there anything you tell yourself when you have a fumble or is there anything you tighten up on technique wise?

Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes a defense makes a good play. But that's never an excuse as a back. That's why it's better not to start off the game having that on your mind rather than having it happen. That's when it can definitely affect how you play.

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