UM Week: Kyle Schlicher Transcript

Kyle Schlicher spoke with the media on Tuesday. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on his mental state this week)

Kyle Schlicher: It's something that you definitely spend the next week not necessarily thinking about, but just correcting and trying to flush it.

Q: Does it hurt your confidence at all? SO much of kicking is mental.

Schlicher: I wouldn't say it hurts my confidence, it just kind of wakes you up. Obviously something went wrong, whether it was preparation or something like that, for the field goal or for the week before the game. I wouldn't say my confidence is lower because of it. It wakes you up and makes you go back to the film and watch exactly what happened, look at all the mistakes you made during the week, see if that's something that might have played into it. Also mental preparation can play a big part in it too.

Q: (A question on what he saw in the film)

Schlicher: I actually haven't had a chance. Tuesday is usually the day where I go back, look at everything. Just from watching the film on Sunday, it was just poor fundamentals on my part. I think a lot to do with it was mental preparation. I just remember thinking back to both those field goals, I don't remember being there. I don't remember being there mentally and kind of going through it. It all happened so quickly. It's not something that usually happens. Losing a game like that, it doesn't happen to the Hawkeyes. For me personally, missing two field goals like that, it's not a common things. It's not something I'm used to. The first field goal I wasn't too worried about, it was just horrible. The second one I'm most concerned about because those are the ones I make a lot. It is a very makeable field goal and I should have made it. It's probably just a fundamental breakdown I'll correct this week.

Q: What was the conversation like on the sideline before that 51-yarded into the wind?

Schlicher: I don't know. Wasn't it like a minute into the game or something like that? I don't think we were expecting to go out there and kick a field goal, we were expecting a TD with that drive we had. There really wasn't any conversation. It was just "here comes 3rd down" and I'm warming up in my kicking net, he calls field goal, and I just ran out there. It happened so quick, there really wasn't any conversation.

Q: 51 into the wind, were you expecting to go in at that point?

Schlicher: Yeah. That's where I'd told Coach Ferentz. Ball on the 35, that's where I feel comfortable, and I was. Like I said, it was just a breakdown, mentally and physically. I think that plays into what the whole team did as well. I'm not blaming the loss on one or two guys, I'm just saying that I think as a whole, collectively, it was just a mental and physical breakdown.

Q: You've probably been asked this, are you up to full strength?

Schlicher: Yeah. Definitely. I think I have a lot more strength than when I was injured. That's no excuse for the missed field goals and stuff like that, it's just like I said, I think it was a mental breakdown. I shouldn't say a mental breakdown, just a lack of preparation on my part.

Q: You talking the first or second?

Schlicher: Both. They were both in the first quarter. A 51 yarder into the win, that's fine. I made a 45 yarder into the wind with plenty of distance on it. It's definitely a makeable field goal. Like I said, just a lack of fundamentals. Going back to look at the film and seeing it, it was just a breakdown of my fundamentals and a lack of being mentally prepared for it.

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