UM Week: Miguel Merrick Transcript

Miguel Merrick spoke with the media on Tuesday. Read what he had to say about the talent of Michigan, Mike Hart, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: Talk a little about what it means to play Michigan, the tradition they bring to the ball game.

Miguel Merrick: When you play them, obviously they have a lot of talent. Their back-ups are 5 star players, they have a lot of talent, a lot of tradition. They've been 1 or 2 in the Big Ten for about 30 years. You know they're going to bring a certain swagger and bring a lot of confidence when you play them.

Q: It means something to play them, from your perspective, it's a measuring stick.

Merrick: Definitely. They're the #2 team in the country. Whenever you get a chance as a competitor, you always want to play one of the best teams in the country. There's a reason why, they've been doing it for so long. It's a great opportunity.

Q: What worries you about Michigan's offense?

Merrick: They have a great offensive line, they have a great QB, a great RB, a great group of receivers. There's not anything you can just single out. They just have an explosive offense.

Q: Does it feel like Ohio State part 2?

Merrick: Exactly. They have the same caliber of athletes, they have another great QB, he has a very strong arm, they're able to do some of the same things.

Q: Talk about the weapons, Henne, Hart..

Merrick: Those guys have been starting in the Big Ten for three years. Obviously they have a lot of experience. They played us, they know what we're going to bring, we know what they're going to bring.

Q: Talk about the intangibles Hart has. Do you see that?

Merrick: That guy, obviously you see last year when he was hobbling, he's just a warrior out there. It takes more than one person to take him down, he's always pushing a pile. He's not a big guy, he's not a 225 back, but he definitely runs like he is one. He brings a lot of things to the table. He's able to catch out of the backfield. When he's in, he definitely brings a lot more to that offense.

Q: I got in here late, talk about the wide receivers and the coverage of them.

Merrick: They have a great group of WRs. Even with one of their starters out, they're still producing. They're all producing. We're expecting their best.

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