UM Week: Wes Aeschliman Transcript

Wes Aeschliman spoke with the media on Tuesday. Read what the new Iowa starter has to say about jumping in, the change in reps from 1st to 2nd team, calming his nerves, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: How does it feel to be a starter?

Wesley Aeschliman: It's pretty crazy. I actually just found out earlier today. I was reading it in the paper, so it was kind of a different feeling, reading it for myself in the paper. I'm not sure what's really going on, but I'll find out here shortly.

Q: Nothing like making your debut in front of 110,000 of your best friends.

Aeschliman: It should be pretty crazy.

Q: What'd you learn last week, from that playing time?

Aeschliman: I learned that basically watching the films is really what pays off for you. I watch film every week, prepare like I'm going to play. Just like last week, you find yourself jumping in pretty quick. I did that, then just watching their defense, it helps you prepare and know what to do when you're thrown in, given the situation.

Q: You'll be nervous going in, how do you calm your nerves to get yourself ready to play?

Aeschliman: I don't know. I just listen to some music on my ipod, kind of relax, go through the media guide every week, just sit there and try to relax as much as I can. I'm nervous right now, this is like my first interview. Pretty nervous right now. That's pretty much it. I just try to sit back and relax a little bit.

Q: Michigan might have the best defensive line in the country.

Aeschliman: I watched film for a while yesterday. They looked pretty solid. They're a good team, just like any other team. I don't know, it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Q: Knowing you're going to play going into a game, are you approaching things differently?

Aeschliman: Not really, no. Every week it's just prepare like you're going to play. One snap, you could be in. I'm just going to take it like every other week, maybe watch a little more film this week.

Q: How many more reps do you get going from 2nd to 1st team?

Aeschliman: You get pretty much almost as many. The only day would be like Wednesday, you might not get quite as many. You get a majority, pretty much almost all of them. Then you might leave out 5 or 6 on Wednesday. That's pretty much it.

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