UM Week: Seth Olsen Transcript

Iowa Guard Seth Olsen met with the media on Tuesday in preparation for this weekend's game at Michigan. The sophomore spoke about how his Hawkeyes need to pick up their intensity in this premium transcript.

How is the psyche of the team right now?

Fine. We just need a little more sense of urgency. We need to get our stuff together. We can't have any more letdowns. Our mental approach needs to be high. We just really need to get the ball rolling.

Did you get a chance to watch any of the Michigan-Penn State game Saturday night?

I saw a little bit at the Vine. I was eating and I saw a little bit of the game. I saw a few plays. I don't know the final score. It looks like Penn State played them tough.

You guys don't make radical changes to face their front seven this week, do you?

No. We really just have to come out and play physical ball. In the Big Ten, the most physical team on the field wins every Saturday. We have to be the most physical team in order to win.

It looks like there's going to be another change in terms of who is starting in that O-line. Can you just talk about the chemistry with each other?

There's not a huge drop-off because we've played with each other with different guys in the lineup every other week, especially in training camp and spring ball. You've just got to develop chemistry during the week. If you're not comfortable, you just have to get comfortable because you really don't have that much time.

How do explain an Iowa team coming out and getting outhustled? That's been a trademark of this program in the Ferentz Era.

I know. I saw some of Coach Ferentz's comments and what he said to the team. He said that we were kind of the opposite of what Iowa football trademark is. That's kind of a blow in thinking about it and hearing coach say that. It's a little bit more motivation to really step it up.

Does it seem like that's how you guys processed that loss?

Yeah, when he said the mental approach, we didn't match their intensity and we didn't match their emotion, maybe.

Is that correctable?

Yeah, I mean, it's something that you just have to execute. It's not like a mistake was made. It's just you need to step up. It's something inside. It's not something where you look on the film and see it. It's all within.

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