NIU Week: Dace Richardson Transcript

Dace Richardson spoke with the media on Tuesday. RRead what he had to say about missing the Michigan game, playing against his home-town team, rehab, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: It was your ankle that was bothering you?

Dace Richardson: Yeah. I was blocking someone, the guy rolled up on it. It wasn't that bad, they rested me last week, then hopefully I'll be ready this week.

Q: No setbacks this week, you'll be able to go out there and perform up to your level of play?

Richardson: Yeah.

Q: You've been around Jake a bit, seen him develop, what kind of QB is he?

Richardson: He's a good QB. He listens to the coaches, he learns from the best with Drew. If he's out there on Saturday, I won't have any worries.

Q: Does a left handed QB change what you have to do as a LT? It's not the blind side anymore.

Richardson: It's the same thing. Keep the guys off him. It just means that the right side has to work a little harder, cause Jake can't see from that side. It's the same thing that I was doing, just trying to keep guys off him.

Q: How frustrating was it missing the game at Michigan?

Richardson: It was very frustrating. Not just the fact that all my guys were out there playing, but the fact that I couldn't help them. The last time I'd ever play at Michigan. I have a lot of buddies at Michigan, and it was just frustrating that I couldn't be out there.

Q: Any buddies on Northern? It's kind of a Chicago school.

Richardson: I have a couple buddies out there that have been talking crap to me this week. Just little stuff, just have to go out there on Saturday and show them just how Iowa plays football.

Q: Anybody on the defensive side?

Richardson: No, they're all offensive people.

Q: Who are your buddies?

Richardson: TJ Griffin, who else is on there right now? A couple of my buddies graduated, but TJ Griffin went to my rival high school.

Q: This is going to be a huge game for them, playing the Big Ten. Is it going to be tough to get up for this game?

Richardson: It won't be tough to get up for this game. We consider them just like another Big Ten school. We consider them just like a Big Ten School. They have an amazing running back. If our defense and offense can't get up for this game, we shouldn't be playing. It's football, what we love to do.

Q: With Drew out, maybe the running game becomes more important, is that falling to you guys, being a little extra motivated on the offensive line?

Richardson: We're always motivated, but we know we've got to carry the extra load. We like the challenge and I think on Saturday we'll show that there won't be any problems.

Q: How do you guys look at this team, 4 games left, 5-3. Mathematically you could still win 10 games with a bowl game. How are you looking at this?

Richardson: We just take every game one-by-one and just every week is a different week. Just play as if you're 0-0.

Q: A lot more buddies in the injury room the last few weeks, how's the attitude of the injured players as a whole, is it still positive?

Richardson: It's positive, you just get in the training room, try and get better, try and get back from your injury as fast as you can. I think a lot of people that are injured and down right now are doing really good with their rehab and trying to get back on the field.

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