NW Week: Christensen Transcript

Jake Christensen found his way to the winner's circle last week in his first career start. He'll likely head back to the sidelines this Saturday with the return of starter Drew Tate. Tuesday, Jake spoke about moving back to the sidelines, getting air under his deep ball, the value of Jason Manson and more in this HN.com Premium Interview Transcript.

Did your dad have any comments after the game?

Nah, just being a dad; just happy for me. We don't really talk that much about football. He's just being my dad and just trying to be supportive.

Now that you've had a chance to see it on tape, was it better than you thought; worse than you thought?

It was OK. There are things that can be cleaned up in every game. I don't think anybody has ever played a perfect game besides maybe Phil Simms in the Super Bowl. Other than that, it's hard to play a perfect football game. So, there are obviously things that can be fixed.

You get a taste of it and then more than likely you go back to the sidelines. Is that going to be tough?

No, because you prepare yourself for it going into the season when you know you're going to be a backup. That's just something that you have to prepare yourself for and be ready for. That's just the situation.

How did last week go with you and Jason competing for that spot?

It went well. Jason is a standup guy. Everybody knows that. It's been a pretty well documented story the way that he's handled everything and his attitude. It was never more evident than on Saturday and during practice. He's just the ultimate team guy.

How much has he helped you?

He's helped me a lot. Me and Jason have become very close. He was my roommate when I first got here. He's been there to mentor me and guide me through all of the things, good and bad. He's helped me handle good things and bad things. He's helped me work through a lot of things. He's been real important.

So, none of that stuff is overrated/ We've heard that he's the greatest teammate?

It's all substantial. You kind of feel like you're beating a dead horse just because I'm sure it makes it seem like he doesn't want to be in the light with this kind of thing, but it's hard to ignore the way that he is. It's one of those things where he's always going to be remember for the type of teammate he was.

I've heard some people say that you get too much air under the ball on your deep balls. What do you try to do?

(Laughs) I just try to complete it. If the guy is running stride for stride, you've got to put the ball up in the air for Trey. He's a fast guy. You just let him run under it.

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