NW Week: Charles Godfrey

Iowa cornerback Charles Godfrey and the rest of his teammates brace for another spread offense when Northwestern comes to Kinnick on Saturday. Godfrey spoke with the media on Tuesday about the challenge, the development of Bradley Fletcher and more in this premium transcript.

Well, you're facing another spread offense this week.

Yeah, well, that's starting to get a little regular with us now. A lot of people come in spreading everybody out and trying to get that way. We're starting to bump it down a little bit.

Do you think at all about last year's game against Northwestern?

No. We just know that we went up in there and we kind of let it slip away. Hopefully we come out and do a better job than what we did last year.

What was it like after that game last year?

Everybody was down. It's always bad when you go out and lose, especially something like that, a comeback like that. We didn't pull it off. It did hurt on the way back. It did feel long.

Can it be used for motivation this year?

Yeah, it can be used for motivation, but it's a new situation, too. They're a new team. We're a new team. We'll just have to see when we meet.

Iowa teams always get better in November. What will it take for you guys to get stronger and better in November?

It just takes hard work; going out there every day in practice and working hard trying to get better, trying to fix the mistakes we had.

Is it something that you guys consciously thing about as that calendar turns to November?

This is the final month. The one thing we pride ourselves on is finishing strong. This is the last stretch, so we have to finish strong. In order for us to finish strong, we have to win these games.

How did Fletcher do last weekend?

Fletcher did well. He made a couple of plays. He did real well out there.

With a spread team coming in again, what approach are you guys going to use?

I have no idea. We'll see when that time comes. We might practice a whole bunch of stuff and then get in the game and never do it. We never know until game day comes what we're going to do.

Do you guys do that a lot where you practice things and don't use any of it?

Sometimes we use stuff that we practice and sometimes we don't use it. You never know.

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