NW Week: Bryan Mattison Transcript

Iowa DE Bryan Mattison has been a terror on offenses the last few weeks. The junior explains his recent success, Iowa improving in November, the unselfishness of the D-line and more in this premium transcript.

Bryan, what's going on with you? You're really making a bigger difference the last couple of games it seems like.

I don't know. I have to give credit to the rest of the defense, the coaches. We've really tried to work harder in practice; just work on the little things. Everyone on the team is continuing to get better. Sometimes people make plays and the other guys make then the other days. That's just the way it's been going.

Is this team improving at the rate that you would expect or thought that it would?

I don't know if I expected to improve at any rate, but yeah, we're improving a little bit here and there. We need to improve more. But we're started.

What do you remember about the Northwestern game last year?

It wasn't a very fun ride home, I'll tell you that much. I just remember them winning. I don't know. It wasn't good.

What do you learn from an experience like that?

It's not over until it's over. You know, you've got to play the entire game.

Does it become motivation for this week then?

Oh, well, sure. Anyone that beats you, you get a little bit more motivated next year. But we've just got to treat it like any other opponent and go work hard.

This program has done well in November the past few years. Is that something you guys consciously think about as it gets into November?

Yeah, we try to continue to improve. We keep lifting. We keep working hard out on the field. That's just the way that it goes. We just try to improve.

Is Drew "tougher" than some other football players?

I'm sure he's a tough kid. He just had surgery the other day and he's hopefully going to try to practice today. I haven't seen him yet. But a lot of college football players are tough. Everyone works hard and everyone is here for a reason. But he definitely shows toughness.

What does that do when not only Drew but you have guys that are really hurting that are on the field giving it a go?

It just shows character. Part of college football is getting hurt and playing. He's shown heart. There are other guys on the team that have done the same thing. That's what's special about this place.

Ken is not putting up the numbers he did last year. A lot of that is because he's hurt. How is he handling that? The guy walks into a season after being all-Big Ten with certain expectations. That's got to be eating at him some.

He hasn't vocally said anything to me about it. You know, we're a unit. Yeah, you get individual honors here and there. But we look at it as a defensive line, not as individuals. I'm sure he would like to have more tackles or sacks or whatever it's based on. But he's a good humble kid, and he's just going out and working every day through his injury and trying to put this team in the best position. He's never said anything about, "Oh, I wish I had more tackles" or anything like that.

It doesn't sound like Coach Ferentz is going to put up with too many guys feeling sorry for themselves?

No, definitely not. It's his choice to be out here. It's not like the Army or anything where you've got to be there. Nobody really feels sorry for each other. We just try to get better.

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