NW Week: Mike Humpal Q&A

Iowa linebacker Mike Humpal talks about the Hawkeyes upcoming contest against Northwestern, including the horrible feeling that he and his teammates experienced last year against the Wildcats with their late game collapse.

Q: Talk about Northwestern's running back Sutton.

Mike Humpal: From watching the film and playing them last year, he is a good back. He is like a bowling ball and he has really good balance and he can spin on you. He is quick and he can move. It will be another good back this week.

Q: Does he carry more of a load, without the senior quarterback this year?

Humpal: I would imagine so. I am not over there so I don't really know.

Q: What strikes you when you watch him?

Humpal: He can hit you hard. Then he can take off on you, so he is a good all around back.

Q: Is there anyone that you can compare him to in practice?

Humpal: I don't know, he is a little bit of everything. He is a tough runner.

Q: You face another spread offense. Are you anxious to get out there against that?

Humpal: I guess. Whatever they do we have to play against. We have faced offenses like this the last few years and it will be another challenge.

Q: What do you remember from the game there last week?

Humpal: It didn't go the way we wanted it to. Things changed quickly at the end for us and we didn't close the deal and they did. We just have to improve on that this year.

Q: What was the feeling like out there in the last few minutes?

Humpal: I don't know. It didn't feel good, I will tell you that.

Q: What do you learn from that, the end of that game, and how do you use it this year?

Humpal: We use it as motivation. A learning experience to finish what we start. It's not over until it's over, that sort of thing.

Q: Has this game been circled for you guys, with the way last year's game ended?

Humpal: I wouldn't say that. It is circled now, because they are coming in here this weekend.

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