UW Week: Albert Young Transcript

It hasn't been the kind of season that the Iowa team had hoped for, and it hasn't been the kind of year that Albert Young had hoped for. The junior running back talks about that and more in this week's Q&A session.

Q: How do you bounce back this week?

Albert Young: Like I have said before, you try to push ahead no matter what happens. We have to focus on Wisconsin and that is all that we are doing and we have to play our best football and start looking like Iowa again. If we do that, we will be alright.

Q: Can you pinpoint anything as to what has happened this year?

Young: No, because there have been a combination of things. It has been a team effort. We haven't been consistent anywhere. There can be days where we are good here and then not so good in another area. That is what the team effort is about. I think we are a good illustration of that. In one area I might look good, and then not so good in another area. We are not being consistent like we ought to be.

Q: What is the attitude leading up to this game? Are you excited?

Young: We just want to get this taste out of our mouth. We have lost some games we feel we should have won. Woulda, shoulda, coulda is for losers. We can't put too much thought into that because we have a good team coming in this week and if we are not ready for them, we will have the same bad feeling.

Q: Do you feel that you guys are predictable, schematically?

Young: I wouldn't say that. We are making too many mistakes. Turnovers, missed assignments and everyone is doing it. We are not playing well and how we should be playing. It doesn't matter what you put out there, its all about performing when you have to and when you are called upon. Schemes and all of that don't mean much.

Q: Is it just execution?

Young: Yeah, definitely. We have had our chances out there. The last game, we had a chance to win the game even though things were bad going in at halftime. We just didn't execute at the right times.

Q: A lot of guys after the game talked about not having intensity and effort…are there certain guys on the team that you rely on to provide those things?

Young: I haven't seen anything like that or heard anything like that. You don't want to take away from the guys that are, because there are guys that are performing at high levels, and it wouldn't be fair to some of those guys. I thought we went into the last game fired up and ready to go. That is just something hard to touch on, because you don't want to offend anyone. There are a lot of people that have put a lot of effort into this. For players to say something like that, you should be for the team when it comes to effort. I don't want to touch on that.

Q: Is there frustration? You didn't expect to be 6-4.

Young: Yeah. No one wants to have a losing record in the conference. That is a no brainer. We have to win ballgames, that is what it comes down to. Be consistent.

Q: Talk about leadership. It doesn't block or run the ball, but is there something to it with this year's team? Greenway and Hodge last year, before that Gallery and other seniors, seemed to carry the flag. This year's team doesn't seem to have that, one real source of leading by example.

Young: We feel that leadership can come from anyone, regardless of age. Some guys are more vocal, some are more about action. It's hard to pick out things. You don't want to distinguish guys at all time. We have had a lot of guys out and we haven't had the opportunity to be out there together. There are only so many pep talks you can give. Guys have to have their own motivation to go out and play. You have to go out and play your best, you don't need someone barking down your neck every time. Making it to this level should be good enough motivation to play well.

Q: You talked about guys that have been out with injuries, they probably would have been leaders.

Young: I still consider myself a leader. We can't break down when someone goes down, when the so called leaders go down. The next guy is supposed to make things happen. I am not pointing at anyone at all. That is really something that is hard to touch on, leadership, because you don't have to have a big name to be a leader.

Q: What have this year's seniors meant to the team?

Young: I came in with most of them. Those guys put in the work. I am sure they have taken heat this year, and they are taking heat. They do fine. They carry the name right, they put in their work for four or five years. That is what this game is about. It's about our team coming together and playing as one. It's Senior Day for a reason. It's their last game at Kinnick and all eyes and attention should be on them. For those of us that have more time, we have to rally behind them because they won't play in front of that crowd again. It's definitely a big game.

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