UW Week: Bryan Mattison Q&A

Defensive end Bryan Mattison has been around football for his entire life, as his father has been in the coaching game for decades. Mattison talked about team chemistry and getting ready for this week's opponent.

Q: Talk about Wisconsin's huge offensive line.

Bryan Mattison: They are traditionally a good offensive line and a physical team. They have good players this team and they have a good back and it will be a big challenge.

Q: You guys on the defensive line sort of came of age last year at Wisconsin.

Mattison: I remember being down and fighting back and winning. We can't worry about that now we have to worry about this year and get after them

Q: How big will this week be in flushing away the effects of last week's game?

Mattison: It will be big, but you would like to think that we have moved on now. It will always stay with you, any loss does. But you have to move on or you will keep coming back to it.

Q: Are things still positive in the locker room?

Mattison: Yeah. It's a loss, we have had a few of those. We have to keep pushing forward and keep trying our best.

Q: What has the senior class meant to the team?

Mattison: They mean the world to this team. There are a lot of guys. Yanda, I have gone against him every day for the past few years. They are great leaders. They have done a lot for the program and we appreciate that.

Q: Is this team missing something that it has had in the past, like intensity?

Mattison: I don't know if I can answer that. I understand why you are asking it, but we have to go back to work and try to get better.

Q: You have been around football for your entire life. How important is leadership?

Mattison: It's very important. Coach is the leader of the team, and we have great coaches. You move down from there to players that need to be leaders. I think we have great leaders there. Without those guys, there isn't a team.

Q: Who have been the leaders of this team?

Mattison: The seniors. Yanda, Elgin, Tate and Chandler, all of those guys on offense have been great leaders. On defense, Ed Miles, Paschal, Merrick, they have been great leaders.

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