BVU Postgame Transcript: Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson spoke with the media on Friday after his first game as a Hawkeye. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: Did you just feel on tonight?

Justin Johnson: Yeah, I was feeling it. The fans came out, we just had to do this as a team, we knew we had to win, coming out in the first game on our court, we had to come out and win.

Q: That stretch in the 2nd half, back to back 3s, is that just getting in the zone?

Johnson: Just feeling it. I was just feeling it. We got in a zone, the team hyped us up, the bench did. The bench did a great job of hyping the team up, I was just feeling it.

Q: Coach said you may have struggled a bit in practice, does that feel a little more like you?

Johnson: I did feel a little more confidence in my show. I wasn't following through in practice, the coaches have been working with me, the team has been working with me. I came in, shot at night time, I just was following through more in this game.

Q: How do you think the team played overall?

Johnson: We did pretty good, but we know we need to get better. We must get better. We played a pretty good team. D3, but they played their hearts out. They did real good.

Q: Did you have any jitters coming into today?

Johnson: Not really. To tell you the truth, I really didn't have any jitters. I just came out to play, ready to play. We all came out humble, ready to get after it. Coach gave us a good pep talk and everything. We had a good gameplan and everything, so we just came out.

Q: When you get Tyler back in the next game, what difference does he make?

Johnson: Tyler makes the difference. Rebounding, his athleticism, everything. A good offense, a good defense. We should come back real good, he'll help the team a lot.

Q: Can he enable you guys to maybe go with 1 big and 4 perimeter players, just go up and down the court a little more?

Johnson: We have worked on that, yeah. He does bring that, he could play the 4. We could go 4 out there.

Q: How do you think, defensively, you guys were tonight?

Johnson: We played pretty good. In the second half we did a pretty good job. We did a pretty good job defensively. We have to get better, that's the main thing we're focusing on. They say we're young, but we need to get better on defense.

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