BVU Postgame Transcript: Adam Haluska

Adam Haluska spoke with the media on Friday after Iowa's victory over Buena Vista. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: This is your first time in front of a big crowd, talk a bit about Justin Johnson and the increased role of Brett Wessels.

Adam Haluska: I thought, as a team, we just came out and I thought our effort was up there at times. Guys like Justin, I thought a lot of the other guys played well in certain areas. It's just making that consistent. I think that the guys are learning quick and when you've got to play in front of a crowd it's a little different than practice. You've got to like the way Justin stepped up with his shots.

Q: You seemed a bit more willing to bang around in the middle, penetrating and dish it out for the open shot, is that something you worked on?

Haluska: When guys are really trying to pressure you, you definitely have to create and get guys open, especially guys like Seth and Kurt, setting screens. Guards as well.

Q: How did this compare to the way you guys have been practicing?

Haluska: I think, at times, our effort was there. I think practice is kind of going the same way as well. We're trying to learn quick here. The lights were on tonight, we had a crowd. I thought we played well, then at halftime we let them come back. We've just got to learn from our mistakes. We'll come back tomorrow, practice, and get it going for Monday.

Q: It looks like there's going to be an awful lot of combinations this year.

Haluska: I think there's a lot of options. Brett really came in too. That's a guy who didn't get a lot of points but he's out there taking charges, really hustling on defense. You can't say enough about his effort He was big time for us. I think he's going to keep playing with the effort he gives like that.

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