Citadel Postgame: Tony Freeman Transcript

Tony Freeman spoke with the media on Monday. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: You feel a little more comfortable tonight?

Tony Freeman: Definitely. Coach depends on me to be the leader on the floor, I've got to come out and do it every game. There's more pressure on us since last year, keeping the home game winning streak going. It's a lot of pressure to go out there and play hard, but I think we handled it well tonight.

Q: Did you expect them to a play zone?

Freeman: Yeah. We scouted them. They played MSU the night before us. We knew what they were going to come out and do, the way their guards would come out and try and penetrate up top a lot. We stayed sound, defensively.

Q: What was your key then? You had a lot of assists. What things were you looking for?

Freeman: We knew if they had the ball in my hands or anyone else's hands, ball fakes would be key. I was able to ball fake and get a little bit of penetration in the zone. Adam was feeling it for the most part today, and our bigs did a good job a screening and reacting. Justin hit some good shots for us. One thing led to another, you know.

Q: Coach said you passed up a few shots to get Adam shots. Is that against your nature, you've been a shooting guard in the past.

Freeman: I've been a shooting guard my whole life. I just started playing point guard my senior year in high school. It's in my nature to score. Like I said, he had to the hot hand tonight and I was just feeding him whenever I can.

Q: What are you looking to gain from the road trip?

Freeman: Experience, for the most part. I know the spotlight is on. It gives us no choice but to perform. You've got to go out and play as hard as we can, win the first game, take it one game at a time.

Q: You think a big road trip like this helps chemistry?

Freeman: Definitely. It'll give us a chance to bond and gain some team unity. We'll just need to go out and play sound defensively and everything else will come to us.

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