MN Week: Eubanks Transcript

Iowa Center Rafael Eubanks returns home this week as the Hawkeyes play his home state Minnesota Golden Gophers. He talks about his return, the state of the Iowa team, the Iowa-Minnesota rivalry and more in this premium transcript.

What are you guys playing for?

Maybe to improve our bowl but definitely pride. We‘re just not going to go out there and throw in the towel. That‘s not Iowa football. Every game is just as important as the other no matter what we‘re playing for.

This is the 100th meeting between Iowa and Minnesota. Does that mean anything to you guys?

It does mean something to us, the rivalry between Iowa and Minnesota. We want to keep the Floyd of Rosedale down here with us. And I definitely don‘t want to go back to Minnesota hearing all of the jokes between Iowa and Minnesota. For me, it‘s definitely a big thing. I don‘t want to give some of my friends on their team some words to use against me.

There‘s a big game in Columbus, too, on Saturday. You played them both. How do you see that game?

Those are two really great teams. If I had to take a guess, my guess would probably be Ohio State. But it‘s going to be a great game. It‘s good for the Big Ten to have two teams like that go 1 and 2. That‘s tough. I really think that should be the national championship game this year, but it‘s good support for the Big Ten.

How has this four-game (Big Ten) losing streak affected the feeling inside of the locker room?

I don‘t think it has changed anything, really. Nobody likes losing. We‘re all competitive people here. Besides that, we haven‘t started pointing fingers or bickering about players or anything like that. It‘s always tough losing, but we have a great group of guys and a great group of coaches. We‘ll never turn against each other.

Can you take me through that huddle on the fourth and one? Drew said everybody wanted to go for it.

As a player you‘re always going to have a different mindset than the coaches. Of course, we would have liked to have gone, but you have to take a look at our defense was playing to that point. We only gave up one true touchdown. We gave up the interception and then that long bomb. At the time, our defense was playing pretty well. You just have to go with the chances. It didn‘t turn out right, but you can‘t look back. But as a player, of course, you want to go but you have to go with what the coaches say.

How does the winner of this series play in the recruiting game?

It‘s just part of the whole process. I was at the game two years ago and it came down to the end. I expect that to be the same this weekend. Minnesota is going to come out fighting. They‘re playing for a bowl game.

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