MN Week: Mattison Transcript

Hawkeye junior Bryan Mattison talks about the Minnesota offense, the mindset in the Iowa locker room, the Minnesota-Iowa rivalry and more in this premium transcript.

Can you talk about what the team is going through right now?

It‘s tough, but we‘ve got to just keep pushing along and hopefully we‘re get one here this weekend.

What are you guys playing for this week?

A win. We all still want to win. We all are preparing to win. We still have a chance to go to a pretty good bowl. It‘s not January 1 or anything, but it‘s still a good bowl. There are a lot of teams in the nation that are not going to a bowl game that are still good teams.

How much does the rivalry play into it?

It gives motivation playing for the trophy. It‘s an important game. You always try to keep those trophies home.

What does it mean that this is the 100th meeting in the series?

They‘ve been playing for a long time, long before I‘ve been around. But we just have to go out and play and try to get a win.

Have you guys speculated much about where you might be headed?

No, I haven‘t. I haven‘t heard anybody in the locker room really talking about it. That stuff really doesn‘t matter right now. We‘ve just got to go get a win and everything else will take care of itself.

How important is it to get a win this week for momentum going into the bowl game?

It would be really nice to get a win just so we don‘t have to deal with a loss for that long. But win or lose we have to put our sights to the next game.

What do you think about the Ohio State and Michigan match-up?

They‘re good. It‘s going to be a good game. I have no idea who is going to win. They‘ve both got great offense. They‘re a little different style of offenses, but they‘re both good at what they do.

Is this a different look from the Minnesota offense? It seems they throw the ball a lot more.

I haven‘t seen any film yet, but Coach Aiken said they throw more than they have. You‘ve got that veteran quarterback. It seems like he‘s been there forever. Since, I‘ve been playing he‘s been there. That‘s probably why they‘re doing that. He‘s a good quarterback.

How big is this game in that you don‘t want to keep falling in the Big Ten?

It‘s huge. Every game is big. But every week your whole goal is to win, whether you be first place in the Big Ten or last place in the Big Ten. If you‘re last in the Big Ten, I‘m sure you‘re not thinking, well, who cares? We‘re last.

In the situation you‘re in, what do you learn about the guys in your locker room?

You learn a lot. It‘s easy to be happy and in a good mood and a good leader and everything when you‘re winning week in and week out. But when you‘re losing, it really shows who is in it for the long haul and who is willing to put the extra work in and just keep pushing along, grinding along just to get the win. Some guys just give up. They‘ll be like, well this is to hard for me. The easier road would be to quit or just go through the motions. Our coaches do a great job of recruiting character. I haven‘t seen anyone in the locker room that has been like, "forget this. I‘m done."

The theme this week seems to be "don‘t give up."

Oh yeah. I haven‘t heard coach say it to us yet. I‘d almost be offended if he came in and told us don‘t give up because I don‘t think any of us have thought of that. I‘d like to think that all of us are big enough men to say, it‘s tough, but let‘s keep going. Nobody is here to give up. There‘s no point in giving up. You don‘t get anything out of it.

During that fourth and one on Saturday were you wanting them to go for it?

Yeah, you‘d like them to go for it, but whatever the coach decides is what he decides. He‘s the one that‘s getting paid to do this. He knows what he‘s doing a lot more than I would. I don‘t know what happens on offense much. So, when he‘s making the calls, it's good in my book.

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