MN Week: Yanda Transcript

Marshal Yanda spoke with the media on Tuesday, just minutes after Kirk Ferentz sang his praises in a press conference. Read his reaction to those comments in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on Ferentz's praise in the press conference)

Marshal Yanda: I didn't hear anything about it.

Q: What'd he say? All Big Ten first team, imagine you'd play guard in the NFL, a great future in the NFL..

Yanda: I have no idea, I couldn't tell ya. I haven't heard anything about it. Just worried about Minnesota, actually.

Q: To hear him say you've been playing that well, that's something you can take pride in?

Yanda: Definitely. I take the same approach as anybody when playing football. Just try to work my hardest, work on my technique and give myself a shot, just like when I was out at juco. It's the same opportunity. I'm not doing anything different, just trying to play my best and help the team out in any way I can. When you do that, you try your best, good things happen. That's awesome to hear that, I'm excited.

Q: Is it hard to focus on an individual when the team is struggling?

Yanda: No, I don't' think so. For me, when the team struggles, that makes me dig down ever harder. Dig down deep and try to play better as an individual. If you're going to talk about an individual rather than the team, I'm trying to improve even more now, just to help the team even more. Even though we're in a slump, I'm going to work hard today to get better so I can do my part and help us at a team beat Minnesota.

Q: Can you explain a bit of your story, how you ended up back here? Coach said he noticed you sticking around d, hanging around. He said, "Who is that guy?"

Yanda: When was that?

Q: Did you start hanging around here before you were recruited?

Yanda: When I was at NIACC, I got invited down twice by Coach Morgan, my position coach.

Q: They noticed you a few times.

Yanda: Probably, I guess. Then Coach Morgan looked at my film first, he had my down a few times to have Coach Ferentz take a look at me, see what kind of guy I was. He looked at film after that. I couldn't tell you how that played out, but I'd imagine that's a good grip.

Q: Do you think you played as well as coach described?

Yanda: I've still got a long ways to go, to tell you the truth. With my playing tackle, playing on the left side, switching positions, that's definitely challenging for me to play both sides. The last week of practice was rough for me, switching back to left. I've got a long ways to go, I'm still scratching the surface with technique and stuff like that. I'm happy to be honored, hopefully be all big ten, that'd be great, but I've still got a long ways to go as far as improving. I didn't get the coaching at NIACC I get here. I'm still two years down on getting that technique, fundamentals. I never had that at NIACC. Being here, I'm always trying to climb back, to keep up with the rest of the guys. I've still got a long way to go, definitely on film, every play, there's stuff out there that I can change to make myself a better player.

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