Media Day Photo Gallery, Part One

Media Day is always a great time to hear the praises and development of players, but also a great chance to see first hand the type of physical development players are making. has part one of its two part photo gallery, starting with the defensive side.

Red-shirt Freshman LB Abdul Hodge stands proud. Expect him to start making some waves this fall.

Freshman defensive backs Marcus Paschal and Jovon Johnson gained some attention. Click Here to see a previous photo of Marcus compared to this one. You should have no problem seeing a difference in size.

Red-shirt Freshman CB Antwan Allen is not hiding from smiling over his new found opporunity of being a starter.

Red-shirt Freshman DT Fabian Dodd takes his last opporunity to relax before the start of practice.

Bob Sanders and Antwan Allen take the time to compare body stature, but Antwan told me to make sure to tell everyone to give him a year or two to catch up.

Also, take the chance to view the same photo of Bob Sanders flexing at 2001's Media Day and compare it to the photo at top of the story. will have part two up early this week with photos of all the offensive players we captured on camera. We hope you all enjoy these photos!

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