KXNO Adds Deace To Lineup

KXNO, a Clear Channel station, will add Steve Deace to their afternoon lineup. Larry Cotlar will do a local morning show, which the station desperately needs. The combination of these popular radio veterans will heat up the Iowa sports radio wars even more.

Steve Deace and Larry Cotlar were central figures Monday in more major changes being made in the central Iowa sports-talk radio business.

Deace is moving from the afternoon shift at KXTK to the 4 p.m.-to-7 p.m. show at KXNO. Cotlar, who has been manning the afternoon slot at KXNO, moves to a new 6 a.m.-to-9 a.m. show on KXNO.

Cotlar made the announcement of Deace joining the KXNO team on his show. Cotlar said Deace will replace him in the afternoon slot on Sept. 3.

Deace, who will be working at his third all-sports station in the Des Moines market, then took the microphone to announce Cotlar as KXNO's morning announcer.

"I have made an attempt several times over the last year to work at this radio station,'' Deace said. "Even with the novice experience level I have in this field, when you know the name Clear Channel gets involved, you know they're in it for the long run and they're going to do it right. "Even though they may be slow at first, they eventually will do it the right way. They frankly own 75 percent of the radio stations in this country that are worth working for. I'm very pleased to be at KXNO.'' Then Deace used one of his favorite phrases concerning sports-talk radio.

"Now we're ready to kick ass and take names,'' he said. Cotlar said he's "looking forward to doing that in the morning because this station has definitely needed a morning show.'' Deace was fired at KJJC before joining KXTK, the station that is dropping its all-sports format at the end of August. The central Iowa sports-talk competition will now be between KXNO and KJJC. "I sat back the other day, looked at my wife, Amy, and said, ‘Do you realize that, come January, I'm going to get W-2's from three different sports stations in this market? That's unbelievable.''

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