Basketball Recruiting Update

Mike Henderson's recent decomittment from Iowa State has raised the possibility that Mike may end up in Iowa City. Iowa would appear to be focusing on getting another guard in the 2003 class. Therefore, let's focus on who the Hawks are looking at in the backcourt.

Speculation about Iowa basketball recruiting has been running rampant recently. The Mike Henderson defection from Larry Eustachy's fold has fueled questions about a possible future at Iowa for Mike. In addition, The Sporting News revealed Iowa's involvement with a wing player from Phoenix. Future Stars' basketball recruiting guru, Van Coleman, answered a few of those questions when I called him this morning.

"I think that Iowa is interested in bringing in a guard. Mike Henderson, 6-3, Waterloo East, is a combo guard that could backup Horner at the point and also be able to pick up some minutes giving Pierre Pierce a breather at the two spot. He may be their top priority for that reason. That versatility may make him the prime target," said Coleman.

Ben Rand, the 6-6 deadeye from New Rochelle, Illinois, is packing on some muscle this summer. Therefore, his future at Iowa as a member of the 2003 recruiting class would appear to be at wing forward.

Devon Evertson is a 6-5, 200 pound wing player from Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona. "He's a fine shooter, very athletic, and played well at camps this summer" added Coleman. The Sporting News recently reported Devon's interest in visiting Iowa City for a football game.

Another name that has popped up is Maurice Shaw. Maurice is 6-9 and about 220 pounds. Van offered that "He is a good friend of Devon Evertson as they were both on the ‘Pump ‘N Run Arizona AAU team. It is unclear at this time whether Maurice will play in Glendale, Arizona this fall or move to Seattle where his mother lives. In the latter case he would play for Seattle Lincoln High School. Devon and Maurice are visiting some of the same schools."

Lance Harris is another player that can swing between the two and the three. "He is a 6-6 shooter from Columbia, Missouri. He performed well at the Nike camp this summer and has the Hawks on his list. He is athletic and a fine overall player," said Coleman

Although there are additional players that Iowa may recruit in the frontcourt, those three appear to be the leading contenders for a Hawkeye tender in the backcourt.

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