Smith Visits Iowa, Addresses Rumors

Brian Smith, an Iowa verbal, had been rumored to be considering an official visit to Kansas State. He officially visited Iowa on December 8th. We check in with Smith about past visits, and he clears up any confusion about his future plans in this premium recruiting update.

Rumors had been swirling over the past several days that current Iowa verbal Brian Smith would be taking an official visit to Kansas State. Smith visited Iowa City this weekend, a visit that helped put to rest any doubt in his mind.

"As a matter of fact, I don't think I'm going to take that visit (to Kansas State) anymore," Smith said. I had a great visit at Iowa, and that pretty much shut the door on any other recruitment."

Kansas State had told Smith that he probably wouldn't benefit much from another visit, anyway.

"(The Kansas State coaches) told me they couldn't show me any more than they've already shown me," Smith said. "The first time I ever visited there, they treated it like an official visit."

Smith, along with many other recruits, attended the Iowa vs Iowa State basketball game on Friday night, the Iowa Football awards banquet on Saturday, and plenty in between.

"When I visited (before) we saw what they had to offer then went back to the hotel," Smith said. "We never really got to hang out with the players and see what they go through every day or see practice up close.

"The only practice I had been to was a walk through kind of session. They didn't have full pads on, just some shorts, some shells. They had full pads on at this practice and they were getting after it."

Arvell Nelson received the scout team MVP award on the offensive side of the ball for his contributions in game preparations during the week. That recognition made an impact on Smith.

"Arvell Nelson, I don't think he saw the field once, but his contributions in practice made them the team they were," Smith said. "It was him doing his best on the scout team, getting his team ready to play. You can't find that all the time. It's good to see even though he's not on the field, he's contributing a lot.

Brian Smith had a role in bringing Christian Ballard to the Hawkeyes, and made an attempt to help bring a few other athletes who have not yet given their verbal to Iowa while at the basketball game.

"I just threw in my two cents, just saying 'This is a good place,'" Smith said. "I'd just tell them, 'Look, you're having fun, you might as well join us.' Just being funny, but they knew what I meant."

His comments may have made an impact on Jordan Bernstine, David Gilreath, and Dale Martin, but it was a comment from current Hawkeye WR Dominique Douglas that stuck with Smith.

"Hey, we're here for one reason, and that's to win. I hate losing. Yeah, we're going to the Alamo bowl, but 6-6, that's terrible," said Douglas, according to Smith.

"It's good to see that a bad season for them is going to a bowl game, playing a good opponent," Smith said. "That's good to hear the players say that they're focusing. It takes them not going out one night because they know they'll get in trouble, they understand they've got to get up in the morning, they're going to do it. They're all here for the same reason."

Smith hopes to join other new Hawks in Iowa City in June to begin weight training.

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