Bernstine Enjoys Iowa Visit

Jordan Bernstine spent the weekend in Iowa City looking at the Iowa Hawkeye football program. Read his comments about the coaching staff, the academics, along with much more in this premium recruiting update.

Jordan Bernstine is a 4-star DB prospect out of Des Moines, Iowa, and he made his official visit to Iowa City this weekend. Jordan, who had been to Iowa City on multiple occasions, took the opportunity to find out a little more about the program from the men who run it.

"I got a chance to be around the coaching staff, talk to them one on one, and talk with the players," Bernstine said. "I got a chance to see what the coaching staff was like when they're not recruiting, when they're coaching."

Bernstine said he was a little bit surprised at how the Hawkeye coaches came across while coaching compared to when they are recruiting.

"When (coaches) are in recruiting, they're going to try and sell the program, try and tell you what you want to hear," Bernstine said. "That's not what (the Iowa staff is) doing. They're pretty much telling you like it is, they're honest people."

When he spoke with players, the conversations turned toward things other than football.

"I was asking more about academics, is it a big transition from high school to college, with tutors, study time," he said. "(The players) were telling me the biggest problem is with managing your time between football and academics. Once you get that down you're OK."

On his visit, Jordan took in an Iowa/Iowa State basketball game, from front row seats. Jordan had his face up on the video screen for a few seconds during a timeout, and the students recognized him, and began yelling to him.

"It's great whenever you are sitting in front of the student section and they start chanting your name and chanting, "Come to Iowa" and all that stuff," he said.

His fellow recruits were also encouraging him to come to Iowa, as he was on his visit with several recruits who had already given their verbal commitment to the Hawkeyes.

"There was a little of that; little hints towards coming to Iowa, but it's not like they were pressuring me the whole weekend," Bernstine said. "We got to go out, have some fun, be around each other a little more."

Bernstine said he may be visiting Pittsburgh this weekend, but has not yet finalized a schedule for that visit.

Either way, he said he hopes to decide by Christmas on his future plans. There isn't much time left to gather information, as Christmas is only two weeks away. Jordan says he's nearly done researching his schools.

"It's more me just sitting down and going over the stuff that I know about the schools, talking it over a little bit," he said.

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