Sash Takes in Iowa Official Visit

Tyler Sash has been committed to Iowa for some time now and has made multiple trips to the Iowa campus. But this past weekend was his official visit, and such a visit offers more details and opportunities for questions...

Tyler Sash has been committed to Iowa for some time now, but this past weekend was his official visit weekend to the University.

"Most all of the other guys (visitors) went to the Iowa-Iowa State game. I had a basketball game that night and I came up after my game. I got in about 11:45 that night and went to bed." Sash said. "Saturday morning we the training table and ate. I met with all the coaches again for a little while and all of the players were there with their families, eating. After that we went to the football office and toured that for a while. Then we went into Kinnick and went down on the field and up into the press box. We had lunch there, then I met with my academic advisor for a while."

"After that I met with Coach (Phil) Parker and watched some film and I learned some things. Then I went back to the hotel and got ready for the banquet. That was on Saturday night and that was a lot of fun. There were like 900 people there and it was a packed house. It was pretty cool to see what goes on and stuff like that. After the banquet we just hung out and then Sunday morning we got up and went to Coach Ferentz's house with my mom and dad, and all of the other coaches were there, too. We ate breakfast and I sat down with Coach Ferentz and talked for a while."

Though Sash has been to Iowa City on several different occasions, an official visit provides a closer look at the football program as well as the University.

"There was a player panel that we sat down with and asked them questions. Shada was there, Bryan Mattison, Albert Young and we could ask them whatever we wanted and they told us a lot about stuff that we didn't realize before." Sash said.

"My mom wondered about some of the basic stuff. The entire panel was for us to go and learn about anything on campus, off campus, football and non-football. Most of the stuff was non-football related. We asked about redshirting, if they recommended bringing a car onto campus and stuff like that."

While on his visit, Sash was able to spend time with the other prospects that were in town from around the country.

"I talked to (David) Gilreath on Saturday night. He said he likes Iowa a lot and it fit him better than Minnesota, so that is why he decommited from there. He said he was down to Iowa and Wisconsin. Bernstine told me that he might decide before Christmas." Sash said.

"Dale Martin, I didn't talk to him that much. He is a pretty quiet guy. He did tell me that he was going to take an official visit to Florida in January before he decides, so it will be a while before he decides."

Sash is currently part of a four-player Iowa contingent in Iowa's Class of 2007. He said that it will be great coming onto Iowa's campus with so many familiar faces.

"Ever since we (Sandeman, Hundertmark, Nielsen and Sash) committed there, we have talked. We knew each other for a while before we had scholarship offers. Most all of us keep in contact a little bit. We text a lot and make phone calls during the season and in the off season. We bonded real well and we get along real well. It's cool seeing that many guys from Iowa."

National signing day is February 7th.

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