Q&A with Zach Furlong

Zach Furlong gave his verbal pledge to the Iowa Hawkeyes yesterday. Read a Q&A with this young man about where he may fit into the Hawkeye system, why he picked the Hawks, and more in this premium Q&A.

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Q: Coach Mignery talked about your versatility, where has Iowa said they'll play you?

Zach Furlong: They told me I'd be a tight end or h-back. I doubt they'll try me at quarterback, they have plenty of them. I'll probably end up as a tight end/h-back.

Q: You were hosted by Rick Stanzi, correct?

Furlong: Yes.

Q: He's from Ohio as well, did you know him coming into the visit?

Furlong: I didn't really know him. I'd heard of him at the time, but he was a really cool guy. He showed me everything, we had a great time.

Q: When did the recruitment start heating up for you with Iowa?

Furlong: I think it was after they saw my film. They really liked that a lot. For them to see me playing quarterback and tight end, I guess they really liked it and it really started to pick up.

Q: Did you ever think about waiting for more offers, with impressive senior film?

Furlong: I wanted to wait, but it was really stressful. I thought Iowa would be probably the best fit for me. I enjoyed the coaches, knowing that they were really interested in my playing for them. They put in the effort.

Q: When Coach Parker and Coach Johnson were out there talking to you, what was their pitch?

Furlong: They knew that I want to try and get to the next level of football. They showed me that I'll be able to play and I'll become a better football player there, and hopefully get to the next level. If not, I'll definitely get a great education out of it.

Q: What stands out about the way you play football?

Furlong: I never give up, even when we're down. I always play hard, to my fullest.

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