Bowl Talk: Scott Chandler

For the Iowa seniors, the Alamo Bowl is one last chance at leaving Iowa City on a winning note. Things didn't play out in 2006 how they would have liked, so knocking off the Texas Longhorns would be a fitting end for them. Scott Chandler talks about that and more...

Q: When we last saw you guys, it was not pretty. How much better can you get in a month & how do you feel like you have practiced since then?

Scott Chandler: I don't think its something that you fix overnight. We have been coming back to work and we have been working hard since we got back. We took advantage of these practices and we have seen improvement, and hopefully that can show up against Texas. But we have been focusing on ourselves and getting back to fundamentals.

Q: Kirk said that the team lost its focus and intensity…can you get it back?

Chandler: It's easier for him to see than us, I guess.

Q: How did you feel towards end of the year?

Chandler: I felt like we were going out and we were going to win every game. That is what it felt like to me. I didn't feel anything different going into the last games. I always felt like we were going to win. We were not able to get that done.

Q: Do you feel like that now? Not many people are giving you guys much of a shot against Texas.

Chandler: In my four years here, I have not gone into any game thinking we were not going to win, and this is no exception.

Q: How will this game be for you, going up against the home state team?

Chandler: It's exciting. My last high school game was at the Alamo Bowl, and my last college game will be there, too. It's fun to go home again and get to play down there. It's been a while since high school since I played in Texas. To be able to play the Longhorns, where they get the best recruits in the state each year, its fun to see how we measure up four years later.

Q: Has it been hard getting tickets?

Chandler: My dad's bank was over to help him out, and my uncle was in San Antonio and he got some, so it was not a big hassle. We have about 25 to 30 people going, so there is not too much trouble.

Q: Do you know anyone on the Texas roster that you played with or against in high school?

Chandler: Their right tackle is a year younger than me, and he was on my high school team. There might be another one there. There are guys that you hear about all of the time when you are in high school and stuff.

Q: Did they give you a look at all?

Chandler: Pretty lightly. Coach Dodge went to Texas, and I don't know if it was a courtesy to him that I got letters, but it wasn't too much.

Q: Is it important to seniors to go out with your boots on?

Chandler: It would be nice to finish on a good note. I think we have to forget about what has happened (during the regular season). We have a one-game season here, we have to play our best, and if we do we will have a good shot to win.

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