Alamo Quotes: O'Keefe, Tate, Yanda & More

The Iowa offense was represented on Wednesday during the press conference leading up to Saturday's Alamo Bowl between Iowa and Texas. Offensive Coordinator Ken O'Keefe was on the podium along with Drew Tate, Scott Chandler, Marshal Yanda and Mike Elgin

Iowa Offensive Coordinator Ken O'Keefe

Opening statement: "The week's going fine. We scheduled indoor practice today at the dome. The floor at Trinity is a little soggy, so we felt we could get a little better surface today to set our tempo." Q: On being at the Alamo Bowl:

Ken O'Keefe: "The Alamo Bowl is a great bowl. Everyone treats you great in San Antonio and everyone is excited for the opportunity to come back. Our opponent is a great opponent. The University of Texas are the defending national champions. We have a tremendous challenge on our hands with the defense they have, which has been outstanding all year long. They are very talented. In their defense, they have more speed than we've seen all along. Their aggressive style of play will give us a bunch of different looks to try and confuse us, make us think about what we want to do and keep us on our toes. How we handle those looks and how we make our decisions at the line of scrimmage will determine how we play."

Q: On feelings about the team's performance in the last six games:

O'Keefe: "The biggest thing from our standpoint offensively is that we didn't take care of the football the way that we're capable of and we didn't make as many plays as we're capable of making. It really boils down to those two things."

Q: On Texas' losses to Kansas State and Texas A&M:

O'Keefe: "Those two teams played very well. They took care of the football and made big plays. In the Kansas State game they made some big pass plays off of play-actions and moved the quarterback around quite a bit. They ran pretty well, and obviously with A&M the option was a factor in that game as far as moving their offense. "

Q: On Albert Young being in and out of the offense because of injuries:

O'Keefe: "He's a guy who can run with the football and get them out of the backfield and we can utilize him as receiver. He's big enough to protect in there so we can be a little more balanced. We really haven't changed at all (without him). Albert has struggled with a few injuries through the season. We have kept to who we are. Sims is capable of doing what Albert does and when Sean Green was healthy, the same with him. We expect Albert to get back to full speed, and be who he is in our offense."

Q: On this season's outcome affecting next year's team:

O'Keefe: "If anything, what it did was force coaching staff to go back, even as a team, to the fundamentals and basics that will get you to where you want to go with your football team. There is nothing complicated about that. You can second guess yourself about a lot of different things. Bottom line is that is ancient history. We are focused on playing our best football of the year right not. These guys have been working their rear ends off for the past four or five weeks to do just that."

Q: On implementing more trick plays in the offense:

O'Keefe: "Most of time it is a matter of execution, is what it boils down to. It takes eleven guys in football to get a big play out there. It only takes one guy that breaks down, whatever position that may be, that may prevent that play from becoming a big play. There are a lot of variables involved. We scored on a reverse against Indiana. The average college game is down to about 62 plays, with the new time changes. So, is about 25 percent enough?"

Q: On eliminating turnovers:

O'Keefe: "There is a fine line in that entire area. Again, we don't talk in terms of turning the ball over, we talk I terms of taking care of the football. That is what we're focusing on."

Scott Chandler

Q: On feelings about quarterback Drew Tate:

Scott Chandler: "Well, I think Drew has taken a lot of blame for what has gone wrong…you know its probably been misplaced. You get to see his persona when he's yelling at us when we're losing, or when we're winning he's cheering everyone on. He's the same guy day in and day out. He's been the same guy all four years. "

Q: On playing his last game as a senior:

Chandler: "I'm really excited be able to play my last game in my home state and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to play against the defending national champions."

Drew Tate Q: On if Texas's poor pass defensive ranking has him excited:

Drew Tate: "Not really. Coach Ferentz talked yesterday and it doesn't really matter what we've done, or what they've done, it just comes down to one game."

Q: On his feeling about the playing back in his home state of Texas:

Tate: "Just win. But when I found out that we were coming here to play, I was the most excited that I'd been all year. It's just special coming back here, being from here and everything that the state has done for me, with the recruiting process and the notoriety in high school. It's just really exciting. Being able to come back here and play against somebody like Texas, it just doesn't get any better."

Q: On his feelings about how the season has played out thus far:

Tate: "It was tough, on me and everyone else. These other guys wanna win just as bad as I do. Just because we lost doesn't mean it's worse on me than them. We got what we deserved I think because we didn't play the way we were supposed to play to win."

Marshal Yanda

Q: On matching up with Texas' defense:

Marshal Yanda: "Defensive ends, and the speed they have, the guys that they gave, we're gonna have to concentrate a lot and we're very excited to have this opportunity. We just gotta have a good practice today and get ready for Saturday."

Q: On going up against Tim Crowder and other All-Big 12 defenders:

Yanda: "It's not really much different for me. You have to take the same approach just like any other game. If you don't then those guys that aren't All-Big Ten or All-Big 12 will hurt you. I'm going to treat it like it's just another game week for us…not any higher of a priority or of upgraded importance."

Q: On the speed factor when going up against the Longhorn defense:

Yanda: "We're going to have to really focus on the fundamentals and the details. You have to determine if they're gonna beat you inside-out and what makes you a good enough football player to be able to handle it. And that's what I'm going to try to do."

Q: On how the team responds to quarterback Drew Tate:

Yanda: "I'd say 150 percent. All year long in practice and every game we've had there hasn't been any conflict or cancer that tries to eat at the team from the inside out. I've been on teams like that and this program, in the two years I've been here, everybody's behind (Drew). I'm behind him 110 percent. "

Mike Elgin

Q: On Texas's defensive line:

Mike Elgin: "Their entire defensive line, first thing that jumps out to us is how well they play together and their intensity when they run the ball. They're a tough unit and it'll be a tough challenge for us five up front to go up against their four. It'll be a great challenge and we're looking forward to it."

Q: On comparing Texas to Michigan and Ohio State up front:

Elgin: "Compare a lot to Michigan and Ohio State, you know they're tough and physical up front, but it's hard to make that comparison because we haven't played Texas."

Q: On what Iowa football is:

Elgin: "I think Iowa football is the hustle, the tenacity, and giving it your all on every play. Improving on some of the things that we weren't really going full speed on at times this season."

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