Alamo Quotes: Norm Parker, Mattison & More

Members of the Iowa defense met with the media in San Antonio on Thursday. This quotebook includes comments from Norm Parker, Bryan Mattison, Mike Klinkenborg, Miguel Merrick and Ed Miles.

Norm Parker

Opening statement:

"These guys have been part of what's been a good defense for the past five years. Through injuries or whatever you want to call it, we didn't play defense this year they way that were used to playing defense and this gives us the opportunity to go out and play the game the way it's supposed to be played and I think they're anxious to go out and give it a shot. We're playing a great team. They've go great talent, great speed…they're an excellent football team. It'll be a challenge for us."

On the loss of key players throughout the season:

"Injuries are an excuse. But obviously a second-teamer is not as good as a first-teamer. We were 5-0 at one point and pretty decent. But we lost a lot of guys and that hurt us. But now those guys are ready to roll and I hope they last. We've just got to pick it up. Sometimes you have to overcome your coaching. We've just got to play better."

On sizing up the Texas running game:

"When I look at them up front I think they might be the best team we've faced from tackle to tackle. I think they're really good inside…those backs are good backs. You guys are ragging on them a little bit but you must be watching a different team than I'm watching. I just hope they don't come out and ball us. That's a concern with their size, strength and speed…I worry about that."

On the Texas spread offense:

"I think it's sort of the trend in college football. That same offense was good enough to win the national title last year so it can't be too bad. Those guys didn't forget offense overnight. They create a lot of problems. They've got a lot of good and exceptional players and I think that some place in that offense there's a spot to giver every one of those players the ball. They make you defend every player on the field. They've got some good looking cats out there, that's not just average people."

On the possibility of changing defensive philosophies:

"We'll probably do what everyone else does; this games not rocket science. We sort of do what we do, and believe in what we do and we've got to do it better."

On the performance of linebacker Mike Klinkenborg:

"I think it was outstanding. We had a guy before him that was a great player and a great leader. Mike came in and led the team in tackles and was ranked real high in the Big Ten in tackles. He's an extremely smart guy, you can't stand up here and tell him cause it goes to there heads. That part of it was a success."

On Colt McCoy:

"I think the guy is really good. I had never really seen him before and then we started watching films of him. I sort of said to myself, ‘This guy's a freshman?' I think the guy is outstanding. There was only one Vince Young in the history of the game. He's the real deal. He looks like he's a heck of leader. He can take off and run with the ball and hurt you and seems like he's in control of what he's doing. He's a heck of a player, that guy's darn good. I mean, 29 touchdown passes is pretty good…I don't care who you are."

Bryan Mattison, Iowa Defensive End

On the team's bowl preparation during the last month:

"We had a whole month off getting back to the basics. We had a whole month to concentrate on getting back where we were, and the basics. Going out and having fun and playing defense the way Iowa plays defense. We have a great opportunity here. I can't put your finger on the game where it started spiraling down, but it's a good chance to get back after it."

Mike Klinkenborg, Iowa Linebacker

On the team's bowl downward spiral late in the season:

"There's a lot of games that we should have won this year. But I mean we lost the Ohio State game but we I think we came back really strong against Purdue and played a really good game. And then the Indiana game was a close one, we could have been in there and won it. Each week there was a loss but during practices we came back and I felt like we were practicing better each week."

On Colt McCoy:

"He's a true freshman and just watching him during the year…taking on the pressure and trying to come in under Vince Young. He had a great year. Who ever comes in there, we expect him to play his best and that's what we have to prepare for. He's a great athlete and great quarterback, and can run the all."

Miguel Merrick, Iowa Defensive Back

On the team's bowl preparation during the last month:

"For the last month we have gone back to the basics. Trying to go over fundamentals and doing what we do best, running hard to the all, working hard and gelling as a team. This past month has definitely helped us. Just having fun playing football."

On the importance of playing well against the defending national champions:

"There has been some talk. I think whenever you have a chance to play against the defending national champs and a team such as Texas it's an opportunity to go out there and play your best. As a competitor and an athlete you always want to go out there and play your best and you are playing against the best in the country. It's an opportunity to right some of the things that happened this year."

On Limas Sweed and the other Longhorn receivers:

"He's a big physical guy and has a lot of speed. Able to make a lot of plays but I don't want to take away from the other guys, they have a great core of receivers. And those guys have been able to make plays as you have seen all year. It's something that we are going to have to definitely contain. It's another opportunity to go against the best and we are looking forward to it."

Ed Miles, Iowa Linebacker

On the Longhorn running game:

"The backs are one of the two best backs we've played all year. But also, we want to get some good backs in the Big Ten with Hart and Pittman and Hill. I think you have to attribute that to the front guys…the biggest and the fastest. It's going to be a task for us.

We need to capitalize on their mistakes. If they fumble or turn over the ball, we need to capitalize on that. That's what we are trying to do in this game."

On the team's bowl preparation during the last month:

"I think this past month we went back to the basics, and what we know best, which is Iowa football. Defense wise…going over tackling, going over our fundamentals and running the ball. In the past that is what Iowa defense has been know for…their toughness and the fact that everyone runs the ball. This past month we just went back to the basics and tried to find that gel that we have had in past years."

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