Alamo Postgame: Scott Chandler Q&A

Scott Chandler spoke with the media on Saturday. Read what he had to say about a controversial penalty, his final game as a Hawkeye, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on Andy Brodell)

Scott Chandler: I don't know, you get in those games he flips a switch or something. You don't get to see the run after the catch in practice as much. You can't say enough about the way he played today.

Q: I know you've been asked this already, but can you take us through the play?

Chandler: I go in motion, and I come across. The play took a little longer than usual, because we were going on a silent count because it was loud. The ref said that I hopped up when I was waiting there. When I did, I put myself on the line of scrimmage, covered myself up. I haven't seen it on tape, but he said that he was sure he was right. He said, "It's kind of ticky tack, but I have to call it." I was like, "Oh, come on." It's not a call you see a lot, it wasn't really definitive that I went down and got in a 3-point stance on the line. I didn't line up with the ref like you usually do, but you can't do anything about it now. You just have to live with it.

Q: Was that a turning point in the game?

Chandler: Yeah. Instead of being up 21-3, we ended up with the interception when the guy made a great play, they go down and score, it's 14-10 at half. It's a big swing, 14 point swing right there.

Q: As seniors, now that it's all over for you guys, it didn't end how you want it, but what do you take from this season?

Chandler: It's one of those life lessons that you go through. You take what happens to you, learn from it, and move on. I think that the way we prepared for this bowl game, that was the way we need to prepare for every game. It's disappointing, but like I said, you've got to learn from it.

Q: Despite the outcome, you guys played a clean game. Not a lot of mental mistakes, not an inordinate amount of penalties, how good is it go out with a relatively clean game, with great effort, that kind of stuff.

Chandler: It really doesn't feel that great right now because we lost, but we did fight hard. I know that we prepared hard. I know we worked extremely hard this past month. I'm proud of the guys, I'm proud to be a Hawkeye.

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