Alamo Postgame: Charles Godfrey Q&A

Charles Godfrey spoke with the media on Saturday. Read what he had to say about the return of Adam Shada, returning to Iowa defense, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: Talk a little about the way you, as a defensive team, played against a team with great size and speed and everything you've heard about for the past month.

Charles Godfrey: All I can say about that is that we played Iowa defense today. That's Iowa defense you saw today. We came out smash-mouth, hitting guys, running around making big plays. That's was Iowa defense is. We knew coming into this game that we had to get back to Iowa football.

Q: Right off the bat, you had a couple big plays on the first defensive series. Had you felt that at all this year, was it the first time you had that energy on the defensive side?

Godfrey: I had a lot of energy. They just told me go out there and be loose. Any time you tell me to be loose, I'm going to come with a lot of enthusiasm and that's how I'm going to play from here on out. You'll see me out there loose and running around. That's how I play, that's my style of play.

Q: How good was it to have Adam back on the other side of the field?

Godfrey: It's always good to have Adam. Sometimes Adam can see things I can't see, and he communicates with me. Adam's a very smart guy. He knows a little bit more than me at the position. He's been playing it so long, it's my first year playing this position. He'll see things, let me know about them, and it helps me. It's always good to have Adam out there.

Q: Coming out of this year, building for next season, does it feel better after a game like this than a game like Minnesota, even with the same close loss?

Godfrey: Oh yeah, of course. The loss is a loss, but just basically us coming out and fighting the way we fought, giving it all that we had, just laying it on the line. That's awesome. Just setting the bar for next year, coming out and knowing that our defense is not what you've seen as a 6-6 season. Our defense is going to come up and hit you, rally to the ball.

Q: That sense of leaving it all out there, there wasn't anything more you guys could have done out there to make those plays. Is that what you're getting at there?

Godfrey: We always have mistakes. For me, I never can have a perfect game. There's always something that I've done wrong. Even if it's something as small as I backpedaled wrong or something like that. I never can have a perfect game, there's always something I can build up and do better. I wouldn't say I had a perfect game, but I had a good game.

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