Alamo Postgame: Miguel Merrick Q&A

Miguel Merrick spoke with the media on Saturday. Read what he had to say about his team's effort, his final game as a Hawkeye, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question about the effort during the game)

Miguel Merrick: Besides losing, the effort was there. We played Hawkeye defense today. Everybody was aggressive, they weren't running the ball. Main thing was that we were out there having fun. Obviously it wasn't enough. But that's a what-if.

Q: You knew, talking with you before the game, you knew how you guys would play in this game. Collectively, as a group, why wasn't it there all year?

Merrick: I could give you a million reasons to tell you why it wasn't there all week. The coaches, they made sure this past month we got after it. We even had to lift after practice. That just showed us what they wanted, what they expected out of us. We were really pumped up for this game, we knew the type of effort we'd need to win. We gave the effort, we just didn't come out with the W.

Q: You pretty much shut down the running game. That's something you have to feel good about.

Merrick: Any defense, you want to stop the run first to make a team one-dimensional. They just made more plays than we did.

Q: Going out as a senior, how has it been to wear this uniform, the black and gold, and be a part of it?

Merrick: It's been great. I just thank the coaches, everybody here. There's always been a lot of love here. I love the coaches, love my teammates. The fans, they come way down to Texas to support us. It's a Hawkeye State, that's something I really appreciate and I'm happy I had the opportunity to be a Hawkeye.

Q: I know you felt like you did them proud today.

Merrick: I just wish we could have done a little more and just gotten the win for the fans, everybody who supported us through this tough and turbulent time, this season being 6-6, it's not what everybody expected. I'm just happy we could just give them a great effort today.

Q: Ferentz said earlier in the week that winning or losing isn't the big thing, but how you guys play and how you guys play together. Partially, you could consider this a success?

Merrick: It's definitely a success from the standpoint that we came out and played in a way we haven't played all season. We were consistent, guys were flying to the ball. I'm pretty sure everybody in the crowd and in the stands could see that we played passionate football today. You have to play passionate in order to give yourself a chance to win. We just didn't come out with a win today.

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