Alamo Postgame: Adam Shada Q&A

Adam Shada spoke with the media on Saturday. Read what he had to say about returning from injury, saying goodbye to seniors, intense practices, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: What's it like going against Sweed and Cosby?

Adam Shada: They were good receivers. We got used to that playing in the Big Ten. I think the Big Ten has some outstanding athletes and they played a good game.

Q: Any residue from the ankle, did it feel ok right away?

Shada: I got a little shock, the first tackle I made on that 3rd down. I kind of tweaked it a little bit. I hadn't hit in 8 weeks and I wasn't hitting in practice. I was just kind of antsy to see how it held up. It held up pretty good, I can't complain.

Q: It seemed like you guys were flying around like you hadn't flown around in a while.

Shada: Yeah, we were having fun. I got a lot of respect for our seniors. They kind of tutored all of us growing up. It's like losing an older brother, playing your last game with your older brother, a lot of emotion to it. We got the pride back a little bit. Especially our senior class next year. We came in our true freshman year and won a Big Ten championship then had a couple bad years. We really understood what it takes to win at this level. We definitely learned that lesson the hard way, but hopefully it's something we can carry on next year. This bowl prep is the hardest we worked all year.

Q: Was this important for you guys today to play well to set things up for next year?

Shada: It was extremely important. The goal was to get a win to carry us into next year, but we fell a little short of that. There's definitely a lot of positive things to take from this. Especially after you start losing games, you kind of start questioning yourself a little bit. It's human nature, you try not to. To end a season like this, get the confidence back, get those doubts out of our system, it's a good jump start into next year.

Q: Talking to Charles and he talked about having you on the other side of the field, telling him things all through the game that he wouldn't see with a younger guy out there. The time on the sideline with an injury, did you see more film, more things from the sideline you can't see during a fast paced game?

Shada: Definitely, especially with the bowl prep and so much extra time, you get to know your bowl prep a little better. Me and Charles like to do that with each other, especially Coach Parker. He's amazing, he'll seem to know the play before it happens. He'll relay us some information, we communicate in the backfield. I just let Charles know what I was thinking, he let me know what he saw. I think that definitely helps with anticipation of what's going to happen.

Q: Coming in everybody just sort of assumed Texas was going to roll, and you guys held all their receivers in check, nobody went off for big games. What was it you saw in film that let you hang with these guys?

Shada: I don't think it was necessarily anything we saw on film, I think it was our mentality. These last 6 weeks with the way the season was ending, human nature, you kind of doubt yourself a little bit. I think it was working hard and getting back to Iowa principles and having two-a-days, bowl prep. Getting after it in practice. It was getting back to Iowa foundation is what happened. I don't think it's anything schematically we did different.

Q: Through those harder practices, was there a guy who kept everyone motivated, kept on you guys about getting those extra reps in?

Shada: I think it's different for everybody. Miguel. I don't know how he does it. I'm going to miss that guy. He always seems to have this energy. He's the type of dude that can jump out of bed after two hours of sleep and go play a game of basketball without stretching. He's always got energy, and he's the guy that kind of picks me up when we have two-a-days. We had two-a-days then we had a lift with squats after practice one day. He's kind of my guy in the secondary. Hopefully me and Charles can start being that for each other, start competing with each other, pick each other up like that. I think it's different for everybody. Mattison and Kroul, those guys on the D-line, they get the energy going.

Q: What do you see out of some of the younger guys, coming up through this defensive backfield?

Shada: Wilson got his feet wet as a freshman this year, and I was extremely impressed with the way he played. He showed maturity, and he's the kind of kid that goes out there with a little bit of swagger. You tend to see freshmen timid. He didn't seem timid at all, he seemed aggressive and confident, I was impressed with his mentality. Fletcher, he had a good year. Coming in, filling in the next man in. Hopefully he got his feet wet and learned a bit of something. We all have to get better for next year, but they're definitely showing some promise.

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