Markus Zusevics Q&A

Markus Zusevics accepted an offer to enroll as a grayshirt at the University of Iowa. Read comments from Zusevics on his love for the Hawks, why he chose Iowa, his interest in Miami, and much more in this premium Q&A.

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Q: Why take a grayshirt at Iowa over an immediate scholarship at another school?

Markus Zusevics: I've been a fan of Iowa for a really long time now. I just decided that was the school I was going to play at no matter what the circumstance was.

Q: When did you receive your offer?

Zusevics: Sometime around (winter) break, a couple weeks back. I was pretty sure that I was going to take the chance. I just had to tell some of the other coaches I was letting their offers go for a grayshirt.

Q: Why grayshirt?

Zusevics: They said that if they had an extra scholarship they didn't know they had, that would go to me. Just for the time being, so that I don't have to sign anywhere else, I took the grayshirt.

Q: Has the contact from other recruiters backed down since the commitment?

Zusevics: Yeah, definitely.

Q: Who were you hearing the most from?

Zusevics: Purdue was my other top school. They started recruiting me hardcore early on and were with me pretty much all the way. I also had scholarships from Nebraska and a couple other Big Ten schools. Michigan State, Boston College, Indiana, some other Big Ten schools.

Q: I know there was some interest from Miami, did an offer ever come through?

Zusevics: Right as I was about to take my official visit and an offer was about to come through, they had a big coaching change. Mario Cristobal, he was my recruiting coordinator, then he moved to FIU, then he offered me at FIU, but I wasn't interested.

Q: Your coach said you play with a "nasty disposition."

Zusevics: That's what they preach at my high school, just to play with it all out, a nasty mentality. Play through the whistle, get the last knock down. You're just trying to wear down your opponent. In the game, I'm not there to be nice, I'm there to kill people.

Q: How big do they think you can get, are they trying to get you up to 300, 310 pounds?

Zusevics: Most schools are saying they don't want me to get that big. They'd like to see me at about 280, a real athletic o-lineman.

Q: More of a tackle, to counter athletic defensive ends?

Zusevics: Yeah, for sure.

Q: You play volleyball. That's an odd combination for a football player to play volleyball as well.

Zusevics: I've been playing that way before football. Volleyball was actually my number one sport, actually. I've played it my whole life.

Q: Iowa has a bunch of Illinois kids on the team, a few coming in next year, have you talked to them?

Zusevics: I'm familiar with a couple of the Illinois kids, Gettis and Bulaga. I haven't played against them or their school, so I don't know them yet, but I"m sure I'll get to know them a little bit.

Q: If you were to tell Iowa fans what they should expect from you on the field, what would you tell them?

Zusevics: I don't want to hype anything up too early, but I just want to come out and play with a chip on my shoulder, that's all.

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