Martin Talks Louisville Coaching Change

Dale Martin out of Bolingbrook HS in Bolingbrook, Ill. made a verbal commitment to the Louisville Cardinals on Saturday, only to see reports of Bobby Petrino's imminent departure the next day. Read about his future with the Cardinals and others competing for his services in this premium recruiting update.

Just one day after Dale Martin announced his verbal commitment to the University of Louisville, ESPN is reporting that Head Coach Bobby Petrino will accept the head coaching position with the Atlanta Falcons. Martin says he is unsure of the effect that may have on his commitment status.

"I don't know yet," Martin said. "I'm going to call my recruiting coach tomorrow to see where everything's standing at this point. I know a lot of other coaches are going to start call me again since they've seen that. I really don't know at this point, I'm just going to have to talk to the coaches down there to see what's going on."

Martin had just heard about the departure of Petrino, and was a bit shocked.

"(It was) definitely a surprise," he said. "I didn't think he was going to go. I think he just signed a big contract. That can happened at any school, they can go to the NFL at any time. I'll try and move on, either I'll like the situation at Louisville or move on and find someone else."

The other two schools in the running for Martin at the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Tennessee Volunteers.

"I already took my visit (to Iowa), so I've seen everything, I know everything about them," Martin said. "Tennessee I'd have to take another visit. If I decided not to go to Louisville, I'll take a visit to Tennessee and then decide after that.

"Iowa has a great situation at the RB spot, coming in. They have two seniors, and after that they pretty much don't have anybody else. I'd have a chance to play there for a long time.

"Tennessee has a great tradition. Everyone knows they're a good football school, they're bringing in a top recruiting class this year, they'll be competing for a national championship, that's something I like."

Martin said when he made his verbal commitment, several things factored into his decision.

"(Louisville is) an up-and-coming program, they're the top 5 this year, I think they're moving in the right direction," he said. "I liked a lot of the facilities, brand new, the surroundings, the teammates. I like my player host, we were cool. He was a freshman, so he'd be there when I got there. I'd have an opportunity to come in and play.

"Coach Bobby Petrino, he was one of the best offensive minds, they're ranked number two in offense. They're losing him now, so..."

Martin said he's also starting to grow a bit tired of the recruiting game, one he had hoped to finish up back in September.

"I wanted to do it before my football season even started," he said. "It got kind of crazy and I didn't want to rush into a decision. I thought I was done, but it doesn't look like it, so..."

Louisville and Iowa both afforded Martin the chance to compete for playing time early on in his career. Is that something that's important to Martin?

"It's definitely not the main thing, I'm not going somewhere just because I can play," Martin said. "But I want the opportunity to come in as a freshman and compete, not to be stacked behind 3 or 4 guys and not have a chance to play until my junior or senior year. I'm looking at depth charts. I'm always keeping track of their recruiting, what they're bringing in, what they've got."

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