Millington Not Shy About Interest In Hawkeyes

While the east coast has not been very Hawk friendly over the past month, the state of Illinois has produced some better news. One of the featured Hawk targets in Illinois is Akim Millington. The native of Wheaton, IL is getting ready for his upcoming season and discusses several topics on his recruitment.

The Hawkeyes are waiting for good news on the offensive line front. Considering the amount of blue chip talent in the high school ranks that are considering the Hawkeyes, good news should be on the horizon. One prospect the Iowa staff would dearly love to receive an oral commitment from is Akim Millington. Akim has already decided on four official visits he'll be taking, and has left the fifth open for consideration.

"I set-up a visit to Iowa for November 9th when they play Northwestern," Akim said. "I know I will make visits to Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Illinois, also. I'm saving the fifth for consideration, but Boston College would be the favorite to land it at this time. I'll be taking a vacation shortly before Christmas so I would like to have my decision known by that time."

While Akim has recruiting on his mind, his focus has been quickly geared towards Wheaton North's opener this Friday against Addison Trail.

"Yes, I am very ready for the season. I'm very psyched for Addison Trail this Friday."

"We are ranked fourth, but rankings mean nothing," Akim added with a very serious tone. "We need to come and grow together as a team as we'll have to replace RB AJ Harris. We just need to step it up and get it done on the field to prove we are worthy of that ranking."

So many times, when a prospect has received early scholarship offer, his senior season does not become so important. asked Akim about this very topic.

"It is showtime for me out on the field," Akim said having to very know he stands out more than others. "I play every game with the mindset that it is my last game. I use the same mentality with practice and the weight room, also. This season is what will help prepare me for my senior season."

Many different reports have surfaced on Akim's interest in Iowa, but one thing for sure is that they will be receiving an official visit

"Iowa is one of my top three schools along with Oklahoma and Wisconsin. A former track teammate, Aaron Pollack, throws shot at Iowa and I would like to compete in track, also. I saw Iowa players working out while I was at camp, and I could tell how determined they were to reach big goals. I expect big things from them this fall."

Akim and many others know the strength of Iowa's offensive line and its expectations for this season. However, many will be moving on to graduation, has this caught Akim's attention?

"The fact I could play earlier is a little attractive, but positions are not just handed out. Anywhere I go, I will have to earn the spot as it goes to the best man. I want to earn my position and have a chance to start by my sophomore year at any school I choose."

So does Akim see himself playing in the Big Ten Conference at this time?

"It does not matter to me right now as any of the schools I'm choosing from are all prestigous. I think I'm pretty content in staying in the midwest, though."

How the Hawks fare with Akim will be very interesting this fall as they have put themselves in a good position. Victories and success could be the biggest issues once again as Akim will be expecting to see even more improvement from the Hawks. Akim has yet to visit Oklahoma so that visit could present a challenge, but do not discount the Hawk's chances in this race.

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