Bruce Davis Visits Iowa City

Bruce Davis, a MLB prospect from Glenville HS, spent the weekend in Iowa City. Read more about his visit, his choices, and when we should expect a decision from the Ohio defensive player of the year in this premium recruiting update.

Bruce Davis, a LB prospect out of Glenville HS in Cleveland, Ohio was in Iowa City this weekend on an official visit, hosted by former teammate Arvell Nelson.

"(Iowa City) reminded me of Cleveland, weather wise, and the people were great," Davis said. "I really enjoyed myself up there. It's a place I feel comfortable with guys like Arvell (Nelson) and Derrick (Smith). I played with Lebron Daniel this year, then my best friend Diauntae Morrow, it makes me really want to work hard."

Iowa has begun bringing in several players from Ohio each year, with three this year, and a few other prospects still considering the Hawkeyes. Ohio is known for its high school football, which can sometimes hide great talent.

"Ever since I won the defensive player of the year in Ohio, things have picked up and schools are showing a lot of interest," Davis said. "I don't feel like they didn't like me before, they just didn't know about me. It's hard to recruit a guy you didn't know about. When they got the tapes they were like, 'Whoa.' Coach Ferentz said they felt like I was their type of guy."

While Davis, who stands under six feet tall and weights 225 pounds may not be the biggest or fastest player on the field, he said he's known for just finding a way to make the play.

"I bring up my teammate's level of play," Davis said. "They'll always say, 'That guy's always around the ball.' If you look at some other guy's highlight tape, you'll notice number 10 is all the way around the ball. In studying films, I already know where the play is going most of the time. People just say, 'He's got a knack for the ball, he's everywhere.'"

Davis said the staff should let him know about a possible offer sometime this week, and Davis is optimistic that he will receive that offer.

A decision from Davis is expected soon, with Ball State being the other school Davis is seriously considering.

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