Sean Cwynar Attends Iowa Junior Day

Sean Cwynar, a 2008 prospect out of Marian Central Catholic HS received his first scholarship offer on Friday, spent Saturday at Notre Dame and Sunday at Iowa for junior day activities. Read more about Sean, his weekend, and his future plans in this premium recruiting update.

Sean Cwynar, an emerging 2008 OL prospect out of Marian Central Catholic HS is gearing up for the Junior Day circuit, and one of his first stops was in Iowa City this weekend to check out the Hawkeyes.

It was a busy day for Cwynar, who had been in South Bend, Ind. for a similar event at Notre Dame on Saturday. His visit to Iowa was a day-long event, with many highlights, according to Cwynar.

"We walked in and greeted all the coaches," Cwynar said. "They have great hospitality. They're really nice, all the coaches were there. We separated into groups and toured the facilities. You get to see how the whole operation works at Iowa. You can see the meeting rooms, the weight rooms, the locker rooms.

"We boarded a bus and got to sit courtside at the Iowa/Wisconsin game. It was a great game. We were in the first row, so that was pretty awesome. We ate lunch at the Kinnick Press Box. We had an academic speaker, we heard Coach Ferentz talk. Their coaching staff is just a bunch of stand-out guys. They're really nice."

Iowa was a logical choice for Cwynar to investigate, as his Marian teammate, Bryan Bulaga, committed to the Hawkeyes as a part of the 2007 class.

"(Iowa is) definitely near the top of my list," Cwynar said. "Playing with Bryan would be awesome. Two guys that went to the same high school, playing next to each other. They like me at OG or C, and Bryan would be a OG or C.

"He's one of my best friends, and it would be really cool to play college ball with him. I just recently got an offer from Virginia, so I think everything's going to start rolling here."

Cwynar said he currently weighs about 280 pounds, and is adding more muscle each day, lifting with Bulaga after school. Getting bigger doesn't necessarily mean losing some of of his key attributes, his quickness and versatility.

"I think the thing they like the most is that I've started on both sides of the ball," he said. "They like that I'm versatile. I could either play DT, OG, or C. I've haven't heard them say consistently one of those, it's all over the board. Also, I can move well on my feet, for a big guy."

Cwynar will continue his junior day assault next weekend.

"I'm just getting out there and seeing as many schools as I can," Cwynar said. "A lot of schools seem very interested. I'll be at Wisconsin on the 3rd. I was going to go to Illinois, but that's on the 3rd. Virginia has a junior day on the 24th, and Vanderbilt is on the 17th. I'm not sure if I'll go to both of those. I'm just getting out there and talking to a lot of coaches, a lot of Big Ten schools."

We'll keep in touch with Cwynar throughout the summer and into the fall as his recruitment heats up.

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