Daniels Picks Hawkeyes

An off-the-radar prospect out of New Jersey, Mike Daniels, has given his verbal commitment to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Hear more about this young man and his commitment in this premium recruiting update.

Mike Daniels, a 6-1, 230 pounds defensive end out of Highland Regional High School in Blackwood, NJ has given a verbal commitment to the Iowa Hakweyes. Daniels' high school coach, Frank Plefka, told us a little bit about the off-the-radar Daniels.

"He's got a combination of explosiveness and strength," Plefka said. "I think being on the defensive line, he's 6-1. I think he kind of flew under the radar because of his height. His strength, explosion, speed, and athleticism on the line is why he's Division I talent."

Plefka said Daniels was seeing strong interest from Pitt and Temple, to go along with approximately 12 Division 1AA offers.

The Iowa recruiting staff obviously did well in recruiting Daniels, but they made a good impression on Plefka as well.

"They were fantastic," Daniels said of the Iowa staff. "I had met Coach Wilson before. He's from the area here. Then Coach Ferentz came out. It was a real pleasure to sit down and talk with them."

Iowa has had some top-notch defensive linemen in recent memory, most of which were very nice young men off the field, but had a mean streak in them once they put on the helmet. Daniels seems to fit that mold perfectly.

"He's a gentleman off the field, but really turns into an animal on the field," Plefka said. "He plays at such a high level of intensity. He's well respect by all his teachers he doesn't get into any trouble in school, he's a real good person."

We'll be working to talk with Daniels himself about his commitment to the Hawkeyes soon.

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