Mike Daniels Q&A

We talked with his high school coach yesterday about his decision, but today we caught up with the man himself, Mike Daniels. The latest addition to the Hawkeye class of 2007 spoke about his visit, becoming a part of the Hawkeye family and more in this premium recruiting Q&A.

Q: What did you see on your visit that made you comfortable enough to pull the trigger?

Mike Daniels: The friendliness of the people. Also the fact that there were a lot of kids from my area of Jersey.

Q: At the game, you were talking and hanging out with Marcus Wilson, Albert Young, and Shonn Greene. Did you know them before you came in?

Daniels: I had already met Shonn Greene. Marcus Wilson and Albert Young were guys I didn't know, but I knew of them because of their names, they're big in my area in high school. When I got down there, we hit if off real quick. They accepted me as one of them already, another guy from South Jersey that's part of the family.

Q: A lot of people have great things to say about Coach Darrell Wilson, what were your impressions?

Daniels: Nobody had told me anything, but that man is a great man. He did a lot to bring me to Coach Ferentz's attention, and bring my tape to him. He's been out here a couple times and I really appreciate everything he's done for me. I really like Coach Wilson a lot.

Q: What is it about the way you play football that makes you stand out?

Daniels: My aggression and the way I use my hands and my speed, my strength. That's about it.

Q: Had you followed Iowa at all before your visit? How did you become interested?

Daniels: I'd watched Albert and Marcus a lot this season, because they're from the area. That was a plus, watching them a lot this year.

Q: When you came on your visit, was there anything you were surprised with, anything that caught your attention?

Daniels: I didn't know that Iowa Football was the big show in town. That was one thing that blew my mind. I did not expect that much love for the college players out there.

Q: Is there anything like that in New Jersey? Rutgers had a good year, but is there anything that can compare out there?

Daniels: College-wise, no. These guys are competing with the Eagles, the Giants, the Steelers. I just haven't seen that kind of love and devotion.

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