Surprise, Surprise, Everson's A Hawkeye

Cedric Everson, a 4-star corner out of Mumford HS in Detroit, Mich. was expected to sign with Michigan State this morning, but ended up with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Read more about this instant impact player and his decision in this premium recruiting update.

Signing day 2007 was supposed to be quiet, with not many surprises. At about noon today, that changed.

Cedric Everson, a four-star CB out of Mumford HS in Detroit, Mich. has signed a letter of intent to play for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Everson, who has been very much off-the-radar as it relates to the media attention, surprised everyone, including his coach, Robert Lynch.

"It was between Michigan State and Iowa," Lynch said. "I mentioned to him (last week) that he was going to Michigan State because there was something in the paper. He just nodded his head. I came in this morning, and he was going to Iowa."

Everson has been one of the most highly-recruited DBs in the nation this year, and with good reason. He's shown the ability to be versatile and flexible, finding a way to help him team in any way necessary.

"He's an impact player," Lynch said. "From the kickoff to the last plays of the game, he can play offense or defense. He can intercept the ball, he can run a punt back, a kickoff, anything."

In most cases, Cedric was the most athletic player on the field, and he really took the opportunity to contribute in whatever way he could, but never flaunted it.

"He's a quiet guy," Lynch said. "I wouldn't say he's a leader, but a lot of kids look up to him. Some kids come in and really take over the leadership role, he's been a little more laid back. The only time he takes a leadership role is when he feels like he needs to.

"Everyone looks up to him because of what he does on the field. This year, we put him at running back because we didn't have a running back. He touched the ball 3 times and scored a touchdown. He's that kind of player."

When asked about his interactions with the Iowa coaching staff, Lynch supplied a bit of information that helps the world understand why Everson may have been a bit scarce in the media.

"Cedric's father is the recruiting coordinator, he handles the recruiting for all the (Mumford) kids," Lynch said. "It just happens that his son was one of the top recruits."

We've made plans to speak with Cedric this afternoon after school, and hope to have more on him later today.

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