Recruiting 101: New Pipelines in Place?

The season has begun for the Hawkeyes on the field and off as recruiting calls have started. One phone call per week to each prospect is being made now. The Hawkeyes have some official visits coming up in September, and also will be awaiting the news of a prospect or two. Get the fall preview of Hawkeye recruiting!

It is appearing that a decision from WR Todd Blythe and OL Clint Huntrods could very well be happening before the end of September. Iowa has yards, literally, to gain on Blythe; however; a victory of points over Iowa State could help earn those yards in showing Iowa is back on top. Todd has been a fan of Iowa State this whole summer so even a victory may not do it all, but Iowa does have insurance with commit WR/TE Scott Chandler. Clint has stated many times that outcome of the Iowa and Iowa State game will not weigh into his decision, but a Hawkeye victory would make it much easier for him to say hello Iowa City rather than follow his local roots to Ames.

There have been reports that Iowa has offered JUCO LB Phil Macklin (6'3 238) from Rainey JC in Illinois. Phil played at Joliet JC last year, and will sit out this fall due to unknown reasons, which also means a red-shirt is likely leaving him with three years of eligibility. He is orginally from Schaumburg, Florida. While has confirmed interest in Phil, no offer has been made. However, reports from are that Phil is supposedly a Kentucky commit. Some remember the battle for WR Aaron Boone two years ago, will the Hawks possibly be looking for revenge in finding future depth behind Grant Steen?

Coach Ferentz and staff have not been strong in signing prospects from border states in the past four recruiting classes, but this year could be different. With strong years in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, the Hawks are hoping for signatures from four to eight prospects. This will help ease the pressure of trying to find last minute visits from down south, which can be heavy on a budget, and also help build some strong ties as this program builds. The Hawks are doing a lot more research in the prospects they bring in from the east and south so remaining strong with midwest kids will help ease the transition.

Two other states that are gaining more interest for the Hawkeyes are Ohio and New Jersey. Right now, the Hawks are looking to get 10 or more official visits combined from those states.

Just what kind of attendance will there be for the Cy-Hawk rivalry? While the Hawks already have scheduled official visits for Byron Williams and Herb Grigsby, expect many more unofficial visits to occur. Ohio prospects, Scooter McDougle and Marcel Frost, are a couple of potential candidates to go along with many strong midwest prospects, including Tommy Zbikwoski, Mike Jones, Marcus Coleman, Trevor Laws etc. Plans can always change, but September 14th is looking like a very big date for the Hawkeyes and a strong performance from both the team and crowd could go a long way!

Lastly, the Hawkeyes will once again be looking at signing around 20 prospects in this year's class. Many always ask the question or predict the number of recruits from each state that will be signed each year. A caution to all is that the staff still could not even answer those questions at this time. Many prospects are strongly on the Hawkeye radar. However, do not be surprised to see some new names pop up during the Fall. Film evaluation never stops, which showed last season in Jovon Johnson, and Clint Solomon!

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