Wes Kemp Adds Two More Offers

Wes Kemp, a 2008 WR out of DeSmet HS in St. Louis, Missouri has recently increased his offer total to six. Read about his new offers, early junior day visits, and much more in this premium recruiting update.

Wes Kemp, 2008 WR out of DeSmet Jesuit HS in St. Louis, Missouri has received two new scholarship offers, as his recruiting has begun picking up. He received offers from Kansas State and Wisconsin, which when combined with Missouri, Nebraska, Ole Miss, and Kansas brings his total to six.

Even though it's early in the process, Kemp may have himself an early leader.

"I'm still waiting on things to come, but (on my) visit to Wisconsin, seeing that place and the program, the coaches, I got a real good feel for the place," he said. "If I had one early leader, they might have a slight edge."

Several other Big Ten schools are in the picture for Kemp, including Indiana, Iowa and Michigan.

"I've been talking to a lot of schools like Indiana and Michigan, they want to get me up there," Kemp said. "I see Michigan as a school I really like because they're known for throwing to the big receiver."

Kemp has been visiting junior day events with teammate Robert Steeples.

"We both went to Iowa and both went to Wisconsin," Kemp said. "We see similar things in schools. We like the athletics and academics, then the atmosphere of both schools are great. It would be a definite possibility of us going to the same school."

A few other friends may play a role in where Kemp ends up as well, like Jason Ford, a RB from Illinois.

"We talk all the time about going to the same school," Kemp said of Ford. "We both have offers from Wisconsin, and he has an offer from Iowa and I'm still in close contact with Iowa.

"Also a guy named Blaine Gabbert. That's one of the reasons I like Missouri so much. Missouri sees him as their QB of the future. I like Mizzou a lot because it's close to home, and if Blaine goes there, I'll have a big-time quarterback to play with."

Kemp has also taken notice of the high number of St. Louis players joining the Iowa Hawkeye squad. Guys like Paul Chaney, Adrian Clayborn, and Marvin McNutt.

"I might have to get in contact with those guys," Kemp said. "When I was up there I had a great feel for the place. They have a strong connection with St Louis guys up there, they're starting to recruit a lot out of St. Louis now. It might have a hometown feel with a lot of the hometown guys."

But in the end, Kemp came back to why he enjoyed his Wisconsin visit to much.

"What I really loved about Wisconsin was how the city rallies around their team," he said. "I feel I could fit into their offensive very effectively. If I prove myself, I might have the chance to play early there."

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