Coach Alford Responds to ESPN Report

A recent report from ESPN the Magazine stated Iowa Coach Steve Alford was on his way out and would be replaced by Creighton's Dana Altman. Alford responded to the report in his press conference on Tuesday.

A recent report in ESPN the Magazine cited unnamed sources that claimed Alford was on his way out as the Iowa coach and that Creighton Coach Dana Altman was going to replace him next season.

The item was in a note package under the byline of Andy Katz. The publication has since stated that the item on Alford was produced by Doug Gottlieb.

Gottlieb was on radio on Tuesday saying that one of the some Iowa "higher-ups" want Alford out. Gottlieb said that he received a call from Alford but was sticking by his story.

The following exchange that took place at Iowa Coach Steve Alford press conference on Tuesday, March 6.

Reporter Do you care to comment on a report regarding your future at Iowa?

Coach Alford: Not really.

Iowa Sports Information Director Phil Haddy: I thought we decided not to do that.

Alford: What report?

Reporter: I have to ask the question; in ESPN the Magazine regarding Dana Altman possibly replacing you as head coach.

Alford: Who reported that?

Reporter: Either Andy Katz or Doug Gottlieb.

Alford: Well, it wasn't Andy because I know Andy and I've talked to him. So, who was the other one?

Reporter: Doug Gottlieb.

Alford: I don't think I need to respond to anything that Doug Gottlieb has had to say.

Before Tuesday's press conference, Haddy told the reporters that Iowa AD Gary Barta wanted to release a comment saying that there was no truth to Gottlieb's report. Haddy than asked the media gathered not to ask Coach Alford about it.

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