Big 12 Team Comes Calling For Ames TE

Ben Cotton, a 6-6, 210 pound tight end out of Ames (Iowa) HS is starting to hear from a few more schools, including Louisville, Stanford, and his latest suitor, who offered today. Read more in this premium recruiting update.

Ben Cotton, a 6-6, 210 pound tight end out of Ames (Iowa) HS has picked up another offer, this time from a Big 12 school, the Kansas Jayhawks.

"I just started getting mail from the recently, like a week ago," Cotton said. "I don't even know if they'd gotten the questionnaire back, or if it'd even sent it out yet.

"I guess they watched some of my film and called my head coach. He said, 'If you like that, you'll like to know that's only his sophomore tape.' They said, 'Shoot, that's good enough.' He told my coach to have me give them a call tonight. They did and said it's in the mail."

That brings Cotton's offer total to four, to go with Iowa, Iowa State, and Wisconsin. Cotton says he's most interested in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Kansas. His family has history with Iowa State, as his father, Barney, was the offensive coordinator until Dan McCarney left the school last year.

Cotton now has to learn more about the Jayhawks.

"I haven't looked in-depth yet, but I'm definitely interested," he said. "I know some about it just because I've lived in the area and been through the place. I'll definitely find out more about them, get to know some more stuff.

"A date that might be possible (to visit their campus) is their spring game date on April 15th. The only reason it might not work is if prom wears me out the night before. My prom is on April 14th."

Outside of his offers, he's hearing from two other schools the most.

"I'm getting a lot of interest from Coach Alford, the RB coach who used to be with my dad at Iowa State, he's down in Louisville now," Ben said. "I've started getting handwritten stuff from Stanford."

Cotton said he would have to check in a little more on Stanford to find out about the area. California's a long way from Iowa, but the temperature is a long way from Iowa, too. Cotton certainly has the academic potential to make it into a school like Stanford, earning a 4.0 this past semester, and holding a 3.4 or 3.5 overall GPA.

Cotton will be in Iowa City attending a spring practice this weekend, and we'll definitely check in to see how it went.

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